Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to change the color on a piece after its been waxed

Before I tell you how to change the color on 
your furniture that has a Chalk Paint finish I just wanted to 
say that Justin and I hosted the first Boston workshop last night.
It started an hour after we closed shop and ran til 9PM.
It was a long day but a great one.
For locals interested you can find 
our workshop schedule posted at
It was great having our first guy student take the class~
Mike and his wife had been in our shop perusing paint colors earlier in the week
and he was the one that was going to learn the techniques to return home to paint
a large cabinet they had.  Three other ladies, Stephanie, Patty and Lizzie
joined us as well. It was my first time having a class at night and I enjoyed it.
And a quick peek at a handsome oak library desk we just got into Boston~
We styled it with a vintage 48 star flag and some old fans.
Ok, now how to do the presto chango~
*Note: The flag has now been taken off the window stage
 where I draped it over the desk shelf 
and will be displayed properly.
Thank you to those who wrote me about this.
A french desk I recently finished had Old Ochre and Versailles,
Dark wax and Gilding details. 
This pretty desk sold to a woman who wanted it to be a different color~
everywhere there was green was now going to be Paris Gray.
She did not want any gilding either.
What do you do when you have changed your mind or 
you get a request to change the color of piece of furniture
that has a Chalk Paint and recently waxed finish?
Let me show you~
 Apply mineral spirits with a soft cloth and rub over the 
entire piece or the area that you are changing the color out. 
 This will remove the wax~and in this case
 I had both clear and dark waxes.
 Get a nice amount on your cloth and rub~you will see the wax 
dissolve and get picked up in your cloth.
It is also used to remove the gilded areas.
 Above you can see the removed wax 
and the part that is still the original finish.
 All the hardware and along the edges and the legs had 
gilding wax that needed to be removed.
After you take it all off you let it dry for a half hour 
or so and then you are ready to paint.
Note: I edited this post to show reflect that I removed the 
wax because it was still soft and in the curing stages~
if your waxed piece has been buffed and cured you
can paint directly over the waxed surface.
 So~on with the Paris Grey Chalk Paint~!
Its as simple as that~time consuming to repaint, 
but the wax removal part is not difficult.
This is just one more reason why I think Chalk Paint is so versatile~
you can change your mind and easily change a color.
I promise!

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