Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mantiques in the Shop~and a Mora!

 I heard that men buy more than women~
I wasn't sure I believed it...but it might be true.
We do get a lot of guys coming into the shop 
and with that in mind I hunted down some "smalls"
for the guys~"smalls" are the small items you will find
in an antique shop or auction house.
You can see a vintage fan in original green in the background,
an old metal clock with an ornate case
a pair of Irish setter bookends
and some leather wrapped opera glasses.
 I loved this pair of dogs~one of the dogs 
has a crack in his tail that I didn't 
spot right away, even so they are a nice addition to the shop.  
A Stag and Sterling Silver (not plate) Carver set~
I love the look of the bone handles 
with the elegant sterling caps and bands.
What's more manly than this antique oak desk?
When oak gets really old it gets darker~
this desk has great legs and a bow front desk and
is in excellent condition.
To add to our manly selection we found this 
early 19th century simple Chinese table in original finish.
This is where the word Patina is used correctly!
Its simple yet elegant~

 We also have a rare 19th century Chinese Apothecary Chest 
with wonderful brass hardware.  It has drawers with chinese words
 carved into the elmwood showing what the medicine man 
kept in each drawer, like goat horn etc...
People like to put these in their house as one of those special pieces~
not for medicinal purposes!!  Its a nice compact size and I expect it to sell quickly~its already got a lot of interest in just a couple days.
 After the map chest sold we quickly found a replacement~this industrial
set of Hamilton flat files.  We set it up in the shop yesterday and already
have serious interest.  Our shop is located in an art gallery area, and this piece is
perfect for artists to store their work in a protected flat space.  These drawers are called high capacity as there are 10 drawers per stackable unit (you are looking at two), instead of the more common 5 drawers per unit.
 Of course this vintage decoupage table that
was painted by Betsy Speert
is in the Boston shop as well!  I think it bridges
the gap between the masculine and the feminine,
and can totally see this piece in a fancy Beacon Hill abode.
 Of course I will always be adding pieces to the shop with the girls in mind~
most of my pillows are under $50, but not this beauty! Its a Belgian tapestry~Cats in a Basket and is done in shades of sage green, cream, rust and pink.
 Coming soon to the Boston store will be this 1798 Mora~
it just got off the container from Sweden 
and I am arranging transport
as we speak!! Its classic white and gold and 
will be gracing our store soon.
Its tall and stately and oh so gorgeous!!!
Curious to know what our number one seller is?
Its our stunning Angel Wings!
Everyone wants them when they see them hung on our
wall~we can't keep them in stock!
A big shipment is on its way next week~
and I expect them to fly out the door 
as quickly as I can hang them.
Thats the latest roundup from Maison Decor Boston.
Running this shop is full of learning and trying to figure
stuff out...what to buy for the shop~
how to communicate what you have inside that will get
people to walk through your doors.
Justin and I  will be working on how to let people 
know what's inside our little shop~
I think most of our foot traffic figure its just a funky paint shop,
but we are so much more....so whether its gotta be 
better window display and or getting some signage,
that is what we will be working on this week.

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  1. Love that apothecary chest and map drawer, Amy! Such great pieces. The legs on that desk are nice and chunky. It's probably good not to paint it; men seem to like the natural wood {at least in my house, you'd think I'm committing a sin every time I want to paint wood}.

  2. Amy, As soon as I saw those dogs, I thought a man would love those. I like the map drawers too. You have a lot of very nice things. Smiles, Susie

  3. Amy,
    LOVE that Mora clock!!! Gorgeous!!!

  4. you're getting a Moira clock from Sweden! That's pretty exciting. It's really beautiful. And... i can see why those angel wings fly out the door, everytime i look at the shop they catch my eye.


  5. I'm digging the mantiques. love the carving set... LOVE

  6. I'm into mantiques as well. My taste is eclectic. Love rich woods.

  7. you've found some great pieces, that really have a wide range. Love that great decoupaged hunt table! btw, You're book should be there today, love seeing everything in your store!

  8. I am not at all surprised that your angel wings are your best seller. I have been drooling over them ever since I "met" you. They are awesome. Of course, everything you stock is!

  9. Amy...been away from the blogs lately and trying to catch up on my favorites...love all the "man stuff" in the shop...great pieces...and if I were close..I would be running to your store to buy that chest that you store maps/architectural plans...I just bought my hubby a vintage drafting table by Hamilton and what a great compliment it would be in his office...OH BOO!!...hope it goes to a great home!!

  10. You've found some great items! Love the carving set. I'm curious, how do you find sources for items like the Mora clock overseas?

  11. Love all of the new items Amy! I am putting on my wish list for Christmas a set of your gorgeous angel wings. The Irish Setter bookends are wonderful. My husband would like those.

  12. I love all the new additions to the shop! And I do think a mixture of masculine and feminine is a very good idea! Best of luck with the "mantiques"! I think you are on to something! xo

  13. Amy, keep those dog items coming! I'm always looking for old bichon items. I would display the angel wings in the window...that would definately make me stop short and walk in the store!

  14. I love your term "mantiques". That's a great way to describe your masculine antiques for sale. I think they're a nice addition to your shop. I love the little binoculars!

  15. amy, what about a chalkboard/sandwich board outside with a list of the things you have??? easy to put out and bring in. just a thought.

    i'm just going to say it...can you believe you have two stores? one in beantown?

    what a year!

  16. LOVE that Mora clock! I'm sure you can't wait to have it in your shop!


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