Saturday, September 29, 2012

Midnight delivery of Massive Antique Wedding Armoire

Antique Brittany Heirloom Dowry Armoire

Wow~it was truly the most incredible piece of furniture I had
ever seen!! And it was in our Boston shop!! How did it get there?
I am gonna show you behind the scenes of how we did it.
But first, have you ever heard of Brittany style furniture?
I hadn't~but I quickly learned a lot when this stunner came up for
auction.  It has an unmistakeable style~heavily carved in 
Chestnut wood~all done by hand.  
The Brittany area is in the Northern part of France
 and was once a separate Celtic state.  Their main source 
of daily life and trade revolved around maritime activities
 and with that the pieces hallmarks are Ships Wheels,
circular motifs, gallery rails with spindles, and figural carvings.
 You can see the ships wheels motif repeated on the doors and the sides
of the cabinet with row after row of gallery railings.  Upon closer inspection 
this piece revealed itself to be an heirloom dowry cabinet that was carved
for the bride to store her silver and linens.  The doors show the betrothed
couple on each side facing each other~how romantic! 
 Finely carved cameo~
 There are flowers, dragons, love birds and a heart 
that is carved at the center of the pediment! 
The center of the cabinet above the doors has a curved
ledge framed in gallery railing~a reminder of the church
 where the couple would soon be wed.  
Totally amazing~the amount of details, all carved by hand!
 Colin and I drove into Boston late last night to meet our Picker Paul 
as he headed to our store from the auction with the enormous cabinet.
Paul's truck pulled up and it was a flurry of activity! Colin brought in the
top part of the cabinet~the pediment first.
He needed to find a place to lay it down and then head 
back outside to help carry the massive piece inside.
 Paul is one strong guy!! He handled one end of the cabinet while Colin and
Paul's helper manned the bottom end.  I tried to snap away with the iPhone
but honestly was ready to toss the phone to the street if the cabinet was to
lurch towards the ground.  I was so nervous~but had to get these pics!
The two guys hunched under the end of the cabinet went
up the stairs carefully~one little misstep and this could 
end up in disaster!! 
 Ahhh~its in the shop safe and sound!! 
Paul has much experience on moving furniture, 
and he advised and counseled Colin as they tackled this brute.
Its tagged for sale and will be here for my weekend crowd!
While this style is not for everyone, it is a stunner,
and I doubt I will ever again see a cabinet like this in my lifetime.
 So I snapped a self portrait at midnight with my rare beauty 
before it heads to a new home~ Maison Decor Boston presents
an Antique Brittany Betrothal Amoire beyond compare!
Of course that wasn't all that was in the midnight truck delivery!
So many cool things are in our store right now, I find
it hard to believe this is even our  shop!!!
I will be working in the shop Sunday, so if you 
can make it in, I would love to see you!

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  1. What an amazing piece!! So meaningful. It's certainly a conversation piece.

  2. The carvings on that piece are stunning, Amy! I am sure you'll be delivering that piece somewhere else shortly!

  3. I'm familiar with the Brittany style. Heavily detailed, and a show stopper. This is a beautiful piece, with great presence. Are you getting any sleep, lady? lol

  4. Now, if only I were rich and lived in Boston... you are getting such wonderful finds! Are you considering painting the new armoire? I really hope not, I love it as it is, but I do love your painted pieces, too. I know it's too soon to consider, but have you thought about closing your other store and concentrating on Boston since you've had such wonderful luck there? I so envy you.
    Best regards, Classof65

  5. Amy this Brittany Chest in incredible with the carvings and details!! You are going to have to start a Journal with all of your experiences. It may make a fascinating book one day!

    2012 Artist Series
    Art by Karena

  6. Wow, what amazing details on that piece. Absolutely stunning.

  7. Wow, Amy! I've never heard of that type of furniture nor seen anything like it before. How beautifully romantic! The entire history of it is amazing! Were you tempted to paint it? lol! I'll bet you $10 it won't last long in your store, girlie! :)

    xoxo laurie

  8. Wow, a beautiful piece- I've never seen anything like it!

  9. How funny to think that such a piece is in your shop, so far away from home! Brittany is where I live, so when I saw the first picture I thought you were visiting! There are plenty of pieces like that here (sometimes very cheap) ... if ever you want an other one... I have no idea how it can be shipped however! I have also seen people paint these pieces and if my first idea was that it was a shame to paint on that, sometimes it's just lovely and "lighter" once painted.

  10. That is an amazing piece. What a story it has to tell!

  11. Oh my...that is one magnificent piece...I am sure it will not last long in the store!!

  12. What a beautiful and such a personal piece. I loved the lesson and story behind it, too. It does look like it is a heavy piece, for sure.

    Your shop looks beautiful! If only I didn't live all the way in California because I'd love to visit. Those mirrors are amazing!


  13. That cabinet is amazing!!! I've never seen anything like it! It was so great to see you Saturday! I hope today was super busy with lots of sales!!


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