Saturday, September 8, 2012

Glamour Girl Vanity and Silver trays galore

 Oh its a vanity for a glamour girl~don't you think?
Its got Hollywood style in spades! Its enormous too~
 Imagine once upon a time there were perfumes 
and powders and lipsticks on the vanity top~
 And what did they keep in the vanity drawers?  
Ladylike things like gloves and monogrammed handkerchiefs?
This piece has incredible detail in the wood and the design.
I will change out the hardware to something that fits the piece.
 The mirror is a big round shape with two kinds of mirrored glass~
a colored amber and regular with an etched design.  
Pink bakelite holders keep the mirror in place.  
Its in the Malden shop if you want to see it 
in person, and soon will be listed with dimensions
 and price at

I got a boatload of old silverplate today at auction~
neat pieces like this detailed bowl
 A great ice bucket with classic details and an insulated inner glass liner.
This is going to look great with the new little bar
 I found that will be in the Boston store~
pics to come soon. I got that today as well.
 Oodles of lovely trays~the ones with the engravings 
and the fancy roped edges and handles.
These are the kinds you want to find hunting 
around~they are all in Boston now.
 A silver plate spread~on the vanity before I
 attached the mirror to it with Mr. MD's help.
A great looking ornate mirror came to Malden Maison Decor today.
Its one of those show stopper mirrors....if you know what I mean.
Its not in perfect condition as it has some repairs,
but if you aren't a perfectionist you will like the price!
It would be great at the end of  a hall way or over a 
larger console or buffet with sconces on either side.
 Colin and I took a ride into Boston with some loot 
and had a quick visit with Justin~
he's doing a great job with his end of things in town! 
 Tomorrow is the vintage flea at SOWA
so if you are looking for a fun event head to the South End 
on Harrison Street. It goes 10-4
and is dog and kid friendly~make sure you take 
a peek in our store, we are right next door.
 We have new merchandise twice weekly~so check back.
 Colin was back from his first week at 
UMASS, helping bring in some things with his truck.
 A great old mirror with that messed up look that you can try to fake...
but this is the real deal, all framed up in a grey gilded vintage frame.
 And here is a cropped view of
 Mr. Horse Head lamp~he SOLD tonight!!
I had faith in him, I really did!! 
Justin was a doubter, but Momma was right~!
 My ex-tennis partner and pal Cheryl did a pop 
in on me last Friday! It was so nice of her
to visit me in my new life...she went home
 with my vintage Cherub table lamp!
We had a nice visit~we used to have 
some fun girl times back in the tennis days!!
So here I am, its getting on in the evening and I am setting up
for my Intro Paint Workshop tomorrow morning...
I took a dinner break and ran across to my Steak tip restaurant with 
Colin for a quick bite and guess what happened?
When you finish your meal they shake a bottle of a hundred numbers
and pull out one, and it its on your check your bill is free...
well you all know how often we have been eating there since April.
And finally~WE WON!! 
Looks like its gonna be a great week ahead!



  1. The shops have oodles of glorious goodies! Wow, i've never seen amber mirror like the mirror on the glamour girl vanity, and the mirror that needs repair is wonderful. I'm sure it won't last long... Bye horsehead lamp, you were one of a kind... and i heard that Napoleon sold too... Looks like cool things are coming and going every day!


  2. LOVE the vanity, and I hope you do have a great week, and that winning your free dinner is a harbinger of even greater things.

  3. I love the amber glass on that vanity. Haven't seen that in a while. Great mirror, and I'm a sucker for ornate silver.

  4. It's probably a good thing I don't live closer because I would get into serious trouble in either of your stores! I love that big ornate mirror! would probably cost a fortune to ship...

  5. That vanity is SO cool! So glad your shops are doing well. They look really inviting.

  6. Yay for winning! you guys have definitely eaten enough steak tips salads to earn that one.

    the vanity is the bomb. very much like my gram's in shape though her's was pure deco without the ornate detail.

  7. wow amy, you are rockin huh.... love that vanity. painting or leaving as is? you are really goin, dont burn your candle girl. looks like the maisons are really goin good. maybe hubby can retire early and help. im so happy that everything is falling into place for you. you sure do get some nice pieces. must have some good connections.:) anyway, dont forget to take some time for you too. best wishes... sue

  8. Gosh! I love love love that vanity. It is a show stopper! So gorgeous. I hope it goes to a very good home. Love all the silver trays of course. Sounds like it will be a great week. Hope we can talk this week.

    I had a great week in the store...selling stuff and getting hugged by customers...only wish I was selling stuff with you instead of for a huge corporation.

  9. Oh my goodness--I stopped breathing for a minute when I saw that is amazing! Even though it is not me to like warm colors, I love that amber mirror on the sides. Wow. Really pretty. That mirror is also gorgeous--my daughter would love that, she has over 50 mirrors at her house.

    Your shop is awesome!

  10. That vanity is the most gorgeous thing I've seen since I watched Daniel Craig in "Casino Royale" :D


  11. That vanity is gorgeous and massive, Amy! Great piece. Love the mirrors, too.

  12. Fantastic!..nothing like a free meal :)
    Love, love all of your new additions...drooling over all of the silver.... I love reading your posts as you can definitely tell you are smiling all the way thru writing away...have fun at the class!!..Have a wonderful and successful week!!

  13. I love your shop! I wish that I lived closer!
    Oh that gorgeous vanity/dressing table! I grew up as did my sisters with a vanity of my own~ mine was kidney shaped and skirted my sisters dressing tables were French. I have a dressing table in both guest rooms. One is Art Deco, like my grandmother's, in my Jean Harlow inspired guest room~ the other is English and skirted in my guest room inspired by my mother.
    I have been looking for a vanity for my master and yours is perfect!

  14. What a vanity! So much details! I love, love, love the amber mirror, so unusual.

    So nice to see your shops doing so well. If I'm ever in Boston, I will most certainly stop by!

  15. Amy,
    That vanity is beautiful!! Love the shape of that mirror!

  16. Congrats on winning... you go there enough!!! The vanity is very Hollywood!! I love a wall with silver trays hung on it.


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