Monday, September 17, 2012

White fall decor and magazine editors and shoppers alike love our store~

 This was a sneak attack photo taken by Justin
 during a shopping surge in our store in Boston yesterday. 
 It really gives the feel of how the day went~
hundreds of people came through our doors, 
 we had our best weekend yet!
 What is so interesting is that most people are just walking in because it looks
like a neat store~not because of the Chalk Paint. Once they get in side some are very interested to know what the paint is about, but most are buying up the home decor items and furniture! Its been a fabulous experience thus far.
We decorated a little bit on the white side~
mixing in gold and silver with rustic touches.
Its a look that is very appealing to me as I am not keen
on decorating with traditional orange and burgundy for fall.
I got these garlands at TJMaxx n more if you want this look~
Justin painted our pumpkins big and small
with Old White Chalk Paint and I love the simple elegant
look that the pumpkin takes on when you can just admire it's shape.
We mix them up on the floor with potted heather and mums~
See the table in the foreground? Its the infamous Speert table, 
painted by none other than Betsy Speert!  
It sold too~woo hoo! Betsy was thrilled to hear it.
You can see a peek of it on the floor right 
as you walk through the door.
It had been in the window for the first two weeks, 
as soon as it hit the floor it sold in 24 hours! 
It as a beautiful September weekend~
the crowds were out in force. We keep a little teaser
table in bright Antibes green on the sidewalk.
Justin overheard two girls talking as they left our shop
and one said, "I'm obsessed with this store".
We have been getting told all the time by so many shoppers
how they love everything in the shop and how great it is!
We keep a wish list sign up sheet for them to add anything
they would like us to hunt down for them~and we have 
quite a list so far!
Many love the wings, and we sold 4 pair on Sunday!
We sold the mirror too~

One thing I try to hunt down are old mirrors.
I just love the look of a great old mirror~
this one is my Malden shop, but I bet if it goes to 
Boston it won't make it through the weekend!
Every Sunday I hope to be in Boston as the energy 
is completely fun and exciting! You never know what is about 
to happen next~a big sale or someone famous or familiar walks 
through our doors. 
We got a surprise pop in visit from the Dirty Girls!
Caroline and Bridget are junkers and rehabbers
of vintage furniture in New Hampshire.
My son Brandon and Mimi popped in to say as well
 on their way to the Vintage SOWA market right next doors~
look at the crowds that pass by our doors!! Its fantastic!
We sold quite a bit of furniture this weekend~
sometimes we arrange for delivery.
 Look how cute this street is in the middle of Boston!
                  One of our pieces is going to live on this street now...
Its the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint console~
Justin carried it in for them~
we really feel like we are part of the neighborhood
when we get to do this end of the transaction.
The design press world is stumbling upon our little treasure box of a store too.
This morning an editor for Design New England walked in and is interested in doing something on us~we also had another magazine editor come in and wants to feature our Chalk Paint workshops!!
I am thrilled with the reception of our concept in the Boston neighborhood we now call home. Its really been great!



  1. What a neat way for you to add unique autumn touches to your shop! I'm feeling the autumn buzz here, too. Can't wait to get up my decorations! Maybe it would be fun to paint a pumpkin in Duck Egg Blue and see if it sells in Petite Maison Decor!!! lol!

  2. Congratulations,Amy and Sons. We bloggers knew that magazine spreads were on the way. That's fabulous and you have something unique and special to show them.

  3. Wow, Amy, so glad it is doing so well and how great the mags are noticing, too.

  4. Wow! That's fantastic! And of course people are obsessed with the store. They'd be crazy not to be! :-) Sounds like you're in the perfect location, but location alone won't cut it. It's your touch that makes it a go.

  5. woohoo, amy! gettin down to bizness and everybody wants in!

    smiles to you and hope you'll visit soon.


  6. Congratulations on the success of your stores Amy!!! You will have to share the mag feature when it comes out!

  7. I'm so excited for you, Amy. Congrats on your sales, features, everything. Love your fall decor.

  8. Amy I'm so happy for you! Everything is so wonderful, I got a little teary eyed reading this. I can only imagine how you must feel. Congratulations and continued success.

  9. amy, love the 'overheard'story!!! how fun to hear what people think. really enoying reading of your new adventure. don't stop now.

  10. Way to go Amy (and sons). And to think we knew and when!

  11. How awesome is it for you and your son that the store has taken off so well. Magazines knocking on your door there is NO better advertising than that!! Looks like you picked the perfect location!

  12. Congrats Amy You deserve all that is happening you have worked so hard Thrilled and happy for you sweet friend

  13. Wow, Amy, this has got to be success beyond your wildest dreams! Congratulations!

  14. What fantastic success! I'm so happy to be following you through this journey!

  15. I am so excited for you that your new store is doing so well! I love how you are decorating in white and silver for fall--for once something Fall that I like! I think I will look for those silver branches. Keep it up--sounds like you are doing a great job :)

  16. I am happy for you! Keep up the good work.


  17. Amy are you pinching yourself yet? This is so freakin exciting!! Magazine editors, hundreds of its happening! Its really happening and I couldnt' be happier for you!!!!!! A HUGE BIG CONGRATS!

  18. Congratulations on your success! How fun! Those white pumpkins are just too awesome. You deserve this, your store looks amazing :))
    xo, Andrea

  19. I'm so glad to hear that your Boston store has been so successful! Who wouldn't love your store? It is in the cutest neighborhood too! Love your Fall decor in the natural colors too. It's a refreshing change to see colors besides orange for Fall.

  20. So happy for you. I find myself wondering every weekend how the weekend sales are in the Boston store. We had a great weekend at my store this past weekend. Everyone out to find fall things to add to their decor. We've been selling chairs like no one's business. I am constantly told what a great help I am and the manager is thrilled with my sales. I just wish I was doing it for myself like you are instead of making lots of money for a big company who really doesn't care a thing about me. I am so glad that your sons are in to it. I bet Dave is over the moon.

    We need to talk soon. Seems I have somewhere I have to be every day after work these days. I'll try to call one afternoon this week.

  21. Dang Amy, that's just so crazy awesome. The Boston shop just looks so fun, and i can tell you're just shining from the energy and interactions there. I would love that too. Very positive stuff... i'm just in awe, and tickled to death for you...


  22. Wonderful news, Amy! Love how it all looks and so excited that your getting some press as well as tons of customers. Awesome!

  23. Incredible, Amy! I'm so happy for you! How far you've come in such a short period of time.

  24. Hi Amy! That's incredible and exciting! Please share the mag features when they are out. I wish I could visit the Boston store! It looks fantastic! Xx

  25. Wow! Many congrats to you on your shops; successes! As they say "When it's right, it's right!"

  26. I love that your stores are such a success- so many blessings coming your way!
    I'm not a fan of orange fall decor either, and love your white pumpkins. I tried (and failed) with a sheet music decoupage pumpkin, should have stuck with paint! ;)

  27. Congratulations Amy! That is SO great! xoxo

  28. Il tuo shop mi piace da morire, vorrei venire a Boston per essere lì davvero!

  29. Congratulations!!!! I knew the Boston store was a great choice!!!

  30. Amy, it just a matter of time before you were going to be discovered in Boston! Pat yourself and your fabulous sons for a job well finally made it!

  31. Amy, I'm so happy for you and your success in your new shops. They look fantastic and I only wish I lived closer because I would be shopping there all the time. I would probably go broke too.


  32. Woooo hoooo! I am SO thrilled for you all, Amy! I just knew that you'd be successful with your ventures! I can just imagine a "Maison Decor" coffee table book coming up in the future.... lol!

    Hugs to you!

    xoxo laurie

  33. It was so nice to finally be in your new shop in person! The shop looks beautiful, as I knew it would! I LOVE the white pumpkins, I am not crazy about "Fall" colors either. Great news all around... busy day with lots of sales and magazines editors.... AWESOME!

    And thanks for The Dirty Girls exposure! xoxoxo


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