Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Be in love with your life

I have been outside a lot recently, putting in a tiny vegetable garden as well as the courtyard
I have been showing off.  Its turned into another room, I swear.  Last night
while I was cooking dinner on the grill my youngest was doing his homework
outside at our outdoor dining table in the new courtyard.  There is just something
so inviting about it, and its been very rewarding to see that everyone has taken to it
as much as I have.  Even the dogs like hanging out there, laying on the cool pea gravel
as the courtyard is shaded after about 1 in the afternoon.  Anyway I have been having
a great time "adjusting" to life back to before I had a shop.  Woo hoo!
Its so fun!  So this little post is how I felt like spreading that joy around
my home.  Its a HomeGoods post, and I wanted to show just a couple of things I picked up
this week. That store seems to have just about everything, and I was excited to find a pair of 
cute cotton gardening gloves edged in pink binding.  
The hall tree has taken on a bit of a garden theme as I use it for putting on my clogs
 or to grab a few tools from the drawer.  All these happy little things
 sends the message loud and clear.   I love my home!
 And I am loving my life.  
I feel so grateful that I get to stay home and be the homemaker and take the lead to creating a loving and happy environment for my hubby and kids that still live here.
So a little reminder can't hurt~
how cute is this small print that I hung above our hall tree?
Its pure joy!
Our hall tree is laden with garden hats as I try to avoid the harsh rays.
But my collection doesn't hold a candle to Mr. Maison Decor's hat stash.
He has a whole room of Cowboy hats.
 Right next to our front door, our HomeGoods hall tree fits perfectly.  
Its the place we keep dog leads and hats and a pretty pillow or two on the seat.
  We have the smallest entry area in the world but it still is worth making it look good. 
 So if you are lucky to have a nice big foyer, I envy you that!
If its small like ours, then these little touches are just enough to let others know we love our home.
This adorable and happy little pillow is an appliqued gem shouting HOME!
It couldn't be sweeter, and I think it just has such a joy de vivre.
As I am in the Frenchy mood big time, I had to get a new pair of espadrilles
and I found this cute navy and white striped pair at Marshalls.  
Just in time for my trip to Newport! I am headed there tomorrow with my friend, Lydia Langston, who is an Annie Sloan stockist in Maine as well as the lady behind those amazing appliques, Efex! Lydia also shared the chateau in France when I was there last October.   
I will be helping her decorate her place in Newport, cooking up some 
fresh ideas for making it into a charming rental spot for her summer tenants that are going to be arriving soon. Oh yeah, its summer time peeps! People are making vacation plans!
After the brutal New England winter, it doesn't get any happier for me than summer coming.
 I will be back with a post on Newport, but I can tell you I am sure it will not disappoint.  If you missed Tina's post on Newport, read it here. It totally put me in the mood!! So if you have never been to Newport, Rhode Island, you will get the essentials from Tina of The Enchanted Home blog.
Of course she stayed in a lovely inn and all that fancy stuff, but I will just be making a day trip and maybe if I am a good girl, Lydia will take me to her Yacht Club for lunch. 
Post Script~Lydia did take me to the Yacht Club and boy was it lovely.
No photographs allowed inside, but this is the driveway view of the front door. 
And this is the original clubhouse that was moved to the grounds of the Newport location
from Hoboken New Jersey.   Its the most charming little Folly of a building.
And look at that view! We enjoyed lunch out on the terrace overlooking the ocean and we
had the entire place to ourselves.  It was quite an experience.,
Check out the file photo of how this Yacht club looks from the water.
Simply stunning, right?
Um, did I mention I love my life?

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This post was partially sponsored by HomeGoods as part of my participation in their Designer Pinterest board, Happy by Design.
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