Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Garden Inspired Home Office

  A Garden Theme Home Office.  
 It was the smallest room in our home. We hadn't used this room much at all
except to use the copy machine or make a quick phone call.  But since I 
 retired from the shopkeepers life, this is where I have put down roots.
Since the room was already painted in a historical green, the garden theme
came to mind and that was essentially my inspiration point.
And since I love gardening and I had lots of garden type accessories that helped seal the deal.
Green and black and white would be the color palette in this space.
A set of old black and white toile drapery panels were used to skirt the desk, 
which is just a piece of formica mounted in a floating manner.  A black and white
cabana stripe "rug" covers the floor.  It is not really a rug, but a 
large length of Sunbrella fabric, which is very stiff and works well
as a floor covering in a spot that doesn't get a lot of use.
The graphic punch pushes the room in a modern direction, but also
stays in keeping with the garden theme, as this cabana stripe is used 
mainly in outdoor settings.  A new set of drapery panels from HomeGoods,
also in a black and white pattern dress the window.  A pair of our dining room
chairs are put into service for the time being, and because they are super comfy
and have green and white  buffalo check upholstery, they fit the palette.
A small silver occasional table from HomeGoods makes it easy to sit up
here with hubby in the morning with a cup of coffee as we go over bills.
 Black and white and green. 
 Pick a simple color palette like neutrals plus one color is almost a foolproof way to decorate a room.

 Faux moss balls and old urns in different sizes are used for table top and window sill decor.
 So make your extra room come alive with a fun theme and a simple color palette.  
Throw in a graphic pattern for a modern touch and accessorize with some vintage 
items to get a look all your own.  The bird cage from Brimfield found its way up here too!
  Little accents with the garden theme are sprinkled around the room.  If it could be found in a garden it can be found in this room.  Picking a theme to help you come up with decorating ideas is always a good idea.  It might seem silly to put bird eggs or mossy urns in an interior room, but when all are combined, the theme pulls it together. A pretty miniature book with a fancy design in a lacy floral print with a golden spine elevates the birdcage, filled with tiny eggs.
 It is still a work in progress, as I think I will be painting this room and 
changing out the light fixture, but for now its coming along nicely.

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