Wednesday, May 6, 2015

French Style Home Office

 A place to take care of the day to day things, as well as a space
I can run my online business and other endeavors, that was my goal.
Our house had this one small office we created ten years ago, but over
time it just got filled up with stuff we never used.  Basically we would
go in here to use the printer and that was it.  So when I closed up shop 
I had a bunch of office stuff, paper work and some supplies that I wanted
to use in a dedicated space.  So the small useless office is now getting 
overhauled.  Originally painted green, the color could go hand in hand with 
a pair of architectural garden prints of the Palace of Versailles.  I probably 
would prefer to have it be painted in an off white or bone color, but this would work.
Time was of the essence and painting would just delay what I needed to do.
I filled the built in cupboards with baskets to hold various supplies, and on
the desk top I set up shop with assorted garden themed containers to hold
pens and pencils, paper clips and the like.  A pair washed wooden lamps with  
natural linen shades would flank the prints and an urn I have had forever would do nicely 
and stand in the center with a faux myrtle topiary, a gift from my friend and 
Annie Sloan trainer, Patty Seaman.  She gave me this when I trained
with her three years ago in New Jersey when I became a stockist.  
For now a dining room chair with the green plaid will do as my desk chair. 
 I had a pair of vintage Waverly Toile draperies on sale at the 
shop that found no takers, so I hung up curtain rods under the countertop/desk
 and they conceal my sewing machines and other bulky supplies.
 Decorating with a garden theme is one I like very much.  I love to garden,
and I feel like while I have to be stuck inside, its nice to have reminders of
being outside with just a glance about the room.  This shot was taken about two
minutes after I hung up the prints.  Sometimes all it takes is the first "right" thing
hung on the wall to make you know that you are on the right path, decorating wise.
After I hung these up I hunted around and found better containers for my things.
The first photo has the wooden boxes with garden follies on them and other
little things I found and pulled out and added to my desktop.
So this room is getting more French Garden touches and I will share it all when I am
finished.  While I am working on this room I am killing two birds with one stone.
Don't forget it has only been a week or so since I have closed shop.
On the last day we had a not so glamorous situation at Maison Decor.
Piles of things were being sorted out...some for my house, some for 
my son's Boston shop.  After we closed up the shop, my house became 
a disaster zone! It has been kind of overwhelming to get it all put away,
or thrown away or recycled etc.  So the bright spot was having this 
nice little office come to life as I brought things upstairs.  
See what I mean?  My living room and dining room were filled with 
baskets and boxes and tubs with tools and supplies and all kinds of stuff.
Just a real drag! Today I will get it all put away!!! It is my goal.
Next week I have some exciting things coming my way, including
a trip to Brimfield as well as a luncheon with someone very important
that could signal something exciting in my future.
But for now, its cleanup time and French Office time.
I forgot how fun it is to decorate your own home.
After I am finished here I can get back outside and do some gardening 
and create that outdoor space I have been pining for.

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