Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ten little known things about me

Welcome to a special blog post at Maison Decor. 
I am sharing a little bit about the private side of myself 
at the urging of one of my blogland compatriots.
Most who read my blog know how I like to decorate my house with vintage and HomeGoods finds like I did above, or painting a piece of furniture or some other DIY project.
  But there is always more to somebody then meets the eye, isn't there?
 Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.
Pretty big title, eh? 
This award was bestowed upon me by someone in blogland that I truly admire.
This person has crossed over from blogland right into my real life~its rare when that happens.
Yes, it's from Tina, of the mega block buster blog, The Enchanted Home.
The Sisterhood Award is all about sharing a little bit more about yourself with other bloggers that you
consider your besties.  Tina has made the trip from her home state of New York to Boston
to see me twice.  Once she made the trip to see our first shop after we opened in Boston, and the next time she came to see me at Maison Decor in Reading, and I treated her to a VIP one on one painting workshop.  It was so nice to sit and chat with her, she is just an all around doll.
Tina took this photo of me in my shop, the last time we met. (She declined my invitation for a shot together due to her camera shyness...someday Tina, someday....!)  So without further delay, I will answer these ten interesting questions Tina chose to pose to her recipients upon acceptance of the Sisterhood award. Maybe there is a little bit here you didn't know about me. I have to say her questions were very fun to answer.

1. If you had to live in one country outside of the US for a year, where would you reside and why?
I would live in Northern France. After visiting last year I fell in love with the French countryside and the moderate climes.  France is truly a picture postcard, from the beauty of the simple country homes, to the stunning chateaus, the wonderful food and markets and the shops filled with cast off antiques of superior quality. I could be quite happy living in the French countryside.

2.What quality do you think most people admire about you?
Most people might notice my drive and determination.  If I get an idea, I usually find a way to get it done and get it done sooner than later. Like painting a piano or opening a store...but for those closest to me like my husband and sons, they would likely say its my loyalty and dependability.

3. Describe your "last supper" and we like details....
If I had a fantasy version of a last supper it would have to be in a French chateau that was in the countryside during the end of the summer.  Family and best friends would be invited. My dog would be roaming around the grounds. The dinner would be outside in a lovely garden that was set up with white tablecloths.  Candelabras and lantern light shed a soft glow, while a soft refreshing breeze wafts through the courtyard garden.  Chandeliers twinkle from open windows inside the chateau as we gathered to dine. This would be an ode to summers end and we would revel in one last meal in the open air.  Everyone who attended would be wearing linen trousers or dresses  in shades of white and khaki.    The menu? Fresh tomato, basil and mozzarella salad drizzled with balsamic dressing,  escargot, a lovely Beef Bourguignon with  fresh crusty baguettes and a creme brulee.  A never ending bottle of a good Pinot Noir and perhaps some real French Champagne, since it was my LAST supper!

4. Your favorite room of your house and why?
My living room is my favorite room because of a few things.  It has the best natural lighting in the house, which I find so important.  It has a super comfortable white slip covered sofa that I share with my dog Dillon when we are home alone together.  Its color palette is relaxing in mostly white and bits of blue. Some of my favorite possessions are found in here~ an old mora clock and a handpainted table. Its completely relaxing to me and I just love it.
5. If you had to be named something else, what would you name yourself? Go ahead an include a middle name while you are at it.
That is a funny one...I probably would go for a longer name that could be shortened. My name is Amy Elizabeth, so not much you can do with the little name of Amy.  I guess I would choose either Samantha (which could be Sam) or Katharine (which could be Kat).  That way I could have the formality of a long name, but the fun of a nickname.  I would choose a middle name that had some family heritage significance, and that would be Buck.  My paternal grandmother, Olive Buck, was where I got my creative gene I believe. She was always painting or creating, and I have fond memories of her. So my chosen name would be Katherine Buck, or Samantha Buck.

6. Pick an all time favorite movie and an all time favorite book that you think we should all watch and read.
My favorite movie is Out of Africa starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.  Its a sweeping romantic drama based on the real life story of Isak Dinesen.  I think it won best picture and 7 Academy Awards and it has the best sound track as well. I loved how she moved to a foreign land and dragged her things with her and created a life for herself.
 A good book?  I haven't had time to read a book in three years (my stint as a shopkeeper) besides decorating books. I read tons of decorating books and collect them.  I am enjoying the Legend of Charles Faudree at the moment and its very good.

7. If you had to be born in one decade, what decade would that have been/be and why?
I am pretty happy having been born when I was, although I love the romance of yesteryear, I think times were a lot harder than we have them now, unless to the manor born you were.  So I will stay right where I am thank you.

8. A movie is going to be filmed based upon your life, who will play you and what will the name of this blockbuster be?
Ha! This is a hilarious idea, but I would have to have Meryl Streep play me, because she does all her characters so well.  Robert Redford could play Mr. Maison Decor. We both love wearing hats, and this casting seems right.  The title would be:  Designing a Life
 The movie version of us....
And the real "us" ( taken on a trip to California last month).

9. Everyone has them...come on tell us, what is one of your guilty pleasures?  
Buying home decor magazines. I love grabbing one of my piles of magazines and a glass of wine or cup of coffee, depending upon the time of day, and then sitting down and just pouring through image after image.  I will never tire of the published page of a magazine.  They fill me with ideas and spur many of my projects.  I am not much of a TV person, but I love my magazines. And hey!  I am in one currently on the news stands, a 12 page feature of my home in Matthew Mead's DECORATING issue. What a thrill!

10. Tell us three things on your summer bucket list...
Well my bucket list this summer is really big because I have closed down my retail shop. So that has opened up my list big time! Number one is to spend time at with my parents at their home on Martha's Vineyard.  I love the whole vibe there, hitting the summer farm stands, reading magazines by the oceanside with a picnic, visiting my cousin's homes on the island and just plain old driving around that beautiful place on country roads on a perfect summer day~its just the best! Another bucket list item is to create an outdoor living space for our family to use all summer long for al fresco dining.  I have already started it, and I am loving how it is coming along! Visiting my sister's vacation home in Maine is also on my bucket list. We love to go antiquing there and I like to help her decorate her home.  So I guess its about family,  my bucket list and now I have the time to enjoy that.
  Thanks for the chance to think about things maybe I wouldn't ponder Tina. You are a powerhouse of a person and I am so glad to call you my friend.  Check out Tina's beautiful blog, The Enchanted Home here. She is one to watch!

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