Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New additions to my decor

 Getting excited for the holidays this year, so much so that I am already thinking
of how I will set the dining room table.  With the new doors in the room, it feels fantastic
in here and I want the room to look amazing!  I have enticed my west coast son, Brandon,
to return for Christmas and I couldn't be happier about that.  Not my idea, but I saw somewhere
that someone brilliant used old silver trays as chargers for their formal dinner table.
I loved the idea and yesterday while poking around at an antique mill I found a stack of them
for little money so I scooped them up in a pile.
 But then I spotted this classic French Bergere and ottoman and it was in darn good
shape, although the fabric isn't exactly perfect, it is in a pink tweed that will do until I recover
it....and its made by Drexel!  All mine for a hundred bucks!  Woo hoo!  But then I realized I didn't have enough cash in my wallet to buy all the trays I wanted so I had to settle for only a few, as I wasn't leaving without the chair.  My plan for the dining room doors included creating a sitting area for me and Colby in the corner by the doors.  All winter long we will have our sessions in the chair, me with my coffee and he can stare out the doors at the birds and squirrels around the bird feeder in the courtyard.  Imagine on a snowy morning how pretty that will be....that is the kind of thinking that will get me through our winter season.  He already loves it, and so do I.  
 A few weeks ago I ordered a set of buffalo check panels in linen and cotton from Ballard Designs. For years now I have enjoyed white cotton panels in the living room and thought it was time for a change.  These do feel more wintery and cozy.  I switched out the lamps for this vintage pair in brass and I love the look of the room now.
And lest you think life is perfectly beautiful all the time over here, know it is not.
I thought this view into the room with the tree looked so pretty so I snapped a
quick pic with my iPhone for instagram. I saw Mr. Colby on the couch and called
his name~he perked right up for this neat shot.  Then I went over to see what the busy bee
was up to....he was demolishing an aluminum beer can that he had picked out of the 
recycling bin.  He has started the holidays early I guess!   He really has settled down
but still needs to chew as he is teething.  Last night one of his teeth fell out and it was a 
bloody mess all over the slipcovers after a serious chewing session.  So into the laundry the
bloodied covers went...and back on to fight another day for beauty around our home, lol.
Decorating continues with anticipation of Christmas and some entertaining....
I will be shopping small and local for the most part for Christmas. 
 I figure the french chair is shopping local, although the curtains were not. 
Sometimes you just have to buy what you love, regardless of where it is sold,
I will admit that.  But TRY TRY TRY to shop small for some of your things, ok?
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