Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Its the holiday season....

"Its the holiday season"...that tune hums in my head, as the holiday season
is truly underway.  Hubs and I shared a fancy night out for dinner yesterday to steal
a little time together before it really hits!  Everyone was dressed up a little bit
glitzier than normal as it seemed the holiday spirit has officially arrived, even without
the snow.  Actually the weather in Boston has been in the 50s and 60s so its been 
unseasonably warm and with that we have been doing some outdoor projects.
 I had a bit of a bow-dilemma with the back doors. The french doors.  My new amazing and favorite thing ever doors!  So I didn't want just any bow on the wreaths back here.  I started with the red bows that came with the wreaths which didn't last one minute.  Then the wreaths were naked. Then they had a skinny black and white houndstooth check that seemed to get lost, and next came some bold purple bows to try to link the interior of the room with all the purple transferware, but it just looked off to me.  I hit HomeGoods and found this black and white plaid bow with wired edges and fell in love.  They had quite a bit of nice wide fabric ribbon there, so if you are looking for great ribbon, check it out.  After decking the wreaths on the french doors, I added one to the front door as well.
My little baby is doing so good now.  Colby is really turning into a loving little dog, and he follows us around the yard and house and is pretty chill most of the time.  We officially ADORE him!
 This past week found us doing some holiday kind of stuff, like shopping at cute cool stores.
Hahah!! This is my son's shop Pioneer Goods.  Its on Tremont Street in Boston and it had quite the selection of stocking stuffers, so I loaded up.  It also had these tiny lights on copper wire that are all the rage right now, so I had to get those, as well as some other battery operated lights that look Moroccan as well as....oh well, you just HAVE to go!!! Look at that gorgeous Pendelton wool blanket in one of my favorite patterns!! What a super gift for the classic guy in your life. Call him, he will ship it! (ok that is my plug for the day...oh, maybe I might have one more).
Here is our mantle with those tiny lights from Pioneer Goods.  Its enchanting!
Earlier that same day we stopped into Justin's shop we had just traveled out to another small business,
this dairy farm in Leicester, MA.  They make their own eggnog and its got quite the great reputation, 'so we thought it would be a fun family car trip out to the western part of Massachusetts and get us
some homemade EGGNOG!!!!  I loved the outside of the shop. 
We took Colby and my mother in law and our youngest and headed off on what
was a very lovely Saturday.  Colby met the cows and then we put him back in the car 
and got our eggnog and the most amazing Whoopie Pies in the world.  The eggnog was 
more milky than eggy, but it was delicious, and it was a fun field trip.
The cows are friendly and come right up to you  when you arrive.
Look at this gorgeous cow.  She is darling, isn't she? They have goats too,
and it really would be a fun family trip, especially if you have little ones.
The Christmas Cards I designed finally arrived and as you can see, we are all about showing off our new little guy, Colby!  And we want to wish everyone LOVE PEACE & JOY.  We feel fortunate to have a loving family and a new little dog.  Its a wonderful time of year. Next week will be back to back family parties and I have to get these cards in the mail and start menu planning and shopping.  My presents are done, we don't go too overboard with the gifts as its the love and the memories we will be making that will be the things that we all remember.  Hope you are in the holiday season, if not I recommend going into some tiny independent shops and taking in the atmosphere, then hitting the eggnog. 
764 Tremont St
                                                                    Boston MA 02118
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  1. Loved these photos Amy....Colby is the cutest...Have a Merry Christmas!....


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