Saturday, December 19, 2015

Pretty Dining Room and Colby

 One week 'til Christmas so  its the official Christmas count down.
Around here that means getting the house looking as pretty as it
can be, and planning a menu and wrapping up a few gifts to put 
under the tree for Christmas Eve.  Although this year we will have
Santa put them on the piano so Colby won't open everyones gifts before
they get a chance to even see the tags and ribbons on the boxes.
Having Colby around is putting a smile on all of our faces, even though
he himself has the most serious expression.  He is very intent, and moves
with deliberation and curiosity around our house.  Its fun to watch him in 
action, as well as to see him turning into a snuggly cuddler.  
 One thing I did this week was to pull out a big bolt of fluffy white pom pom
trim that I had bought years ago.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it
and I didn't want to "waste" it, because I loved it.  So I waited many years until
one day while looking at these greyish lavender curtains, I thought:  YES! The pom poms
will look AMAZING on these panels.  It will add a cottage look and a bit of whimsy,
as who can be serious in a room with pom poms anyway?  I love how they came out,
I took out my dusty old sewing machine and stitched them right on the leading edges.
Colby found it fascinating and learned in a few minutes that he too could put his
foot on the pedal and the machine would take off full speed.  It freaked me out!
I finally had to banish him from underneath the dining room table so he would 
knock it off.  He is a curious pup, and for the most part is becoming very mindful
when told not to do something.  For the most part.
 Anyway I think the room looks even prettier now and I am 
pleased to be holding two parties for Christmas. 
 An old French bergere and ottoman are now tucked into this corner and Colby
has grown quite fond of sitting in this spot.  We often squeeze in together
side by side, or sometimes he will settle in on the ottoman. Its a great spot 
to have coffee and grab my laptop or a magazine.  I love it. 
 By turning the table so it faces a different direction, jutting out from under the mirror,
and removing the extra leaves, this room has a nice spacious feeling. 
 Even with the addition of the chair, its a room with two purposes now,
 instead of being a space that is used once a night for dinners only.  
Have you ever looked at your home with fresh eyes to figure out how you
can gain a new space for yourself?  I give this one ten stars. 
 Now to the details...the table is cleared off with the exception of the beginnings of a centerpiece.
  See those little tiny ornaments on the stags horns?  They are wine glass markers!
 A few bottle brush trees and timed pillar candles on an old silver tray
 make for a festive vignette as a centerpiece.
 The wine glass markers are on the hutch along with a set of crackers that are a requirement at our holiday dinners.  Wearing those paper crowns make merriment for sure.
But this years crackers are going to be a bit more merry as they have horns that sound in different notes. Guests will toot along to sheet music of holiday classics when their note is to be played. Someone will be the conductor and point at each player to toot when their note is to be played.  
Could be a disaster or quite good, either way it should be fun.
 Planning the menus for both nights remain, and I am happy that
 I don't have a shop that is taking all my attention this year. 
 I get to focus on my family and making it as nice as it can be for us all.
 Which includes my little puppy dog too, of course.
And if you are looking for a great gift idea for your dog, order some of these 
amazing treats by the PolkaDog Bakery.  Cod Skins for dogs!!  We were given some when Colby went to the modeling event for the dog catalogue.  Colby devours these things, so now we order them by the 60 count!  I crush them up and add them to his dry dog food to make it more tasty or just hand him a stick and he runs off with his prize to chew it up in private. 
 Its a dog's life around here I tell ya!

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  1. Everything is so pretty, Amy and Colby is too cute! I should check those out for Bailey, but they must smell. Love the pom pom trim. Have fun planning your parties.

  2. Amy, your place is beyond pretty, it's soothing and comfortable, and that green and lavender color scheme is just perfection! I love how you've transformed your dining space into a place where you can relax and enjoy some lovable doggy company. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Beautiful dining room Amy and that Colby is just adorable....I can just imagine your family and guests around the table tooting their horns and enjoying the festivities....Have a most joyous Christmas Amy!

  4. Merry Christmas Amy!!!!!!

    Love and hugs to all the men and sweet Colby!

    Your friend,
    The Empty Nest


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