Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Shocking Green Paint for the TV Room

A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say.
This is our tv room, or man cave.  It is possibly the least photographed
space in the house, because I have always kind of hated this room.
With a photo shoot on the way, I kind of felt compelled to do something
about the room I hated so much.  Enter paint. 
If any one thing can change a room, it is the power of paint.
This is a good "before" shot, taken last Christmas. 
 You can see for yourselves the changes that were made.  
We edited out a lot of extra furniture and then
 I added new curtains and a rug and some pillows. 
The only other thing was the paint!  I took a risk and picked 
a green that was out of my norm, I wanted a fun and modern green.
Fun this was not.  
When it started to go on the walls, it was a yellowish green that
looked simply awful.  My son Brandon was helping to paint, and we were laughing but
kind of nervous....however I always think of the idea that most things look horrible before they look 
better, so we continued to reserve judgement until coat number two.  
(Although commentary included words like Frankenstein Green and Nickolodeon Slime.) 
Above you can see the second coat on the left, 
and one coat over the door and the wall on the right.  We painted out
the door because we have a sofa in front of it, so that makes it kind of disappear.  
However, this is pretty scary looking green, don't you agree?
After it was all painted, it was incredibly bright, but not as scary.
Just kind of scary.
We moved around some wall accessories and I added a big clock 
next to hubs favorite chair.  Curtains in a buffalo check from Country Curtains,
and a plaid indoor outdoor rug from were the new additions.
When everything went back up, the room came together nicely.
A vintage painted table in a black floral and some new pillows from
HomeGoods added a bit of femininity to the space.  I am so glad this
room is over, and the end result is that everyone LOVES it!!
I will say that when Mr. Maison Decor saw the first coat, he actually said 
outloud, "how could you pick such an ugly color??".  The next day when 
he got home and it was all finished he yelled, "ITS AWESOME!!".
Phew.  I was getting kinda nervous.  
But again, it's only paint and you can paint over ugly colors. Hahha.  
By the way, the color is Benjamin Moore, Basil Green, in Aura matte.
And it was definitely a two coat job. 
One more look....its a fun modern lodge look, to quote my pal Matthew Mead.
In other news, I am preparing for a Romantic Country magazine shoot
 with noted author, editor and stylist, Fifi O'Neill.  
She will be here next week, and I have tons of other things to get finished.
Colby is already exhausted from all of it as you can tell. 

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