Thursday, September 8, 2016

Toile Curtains from sheets and an Amazing Decorating Book!

 Decorating is a never ending process for me. 
 A space should never get old or boring to your eyes and keeping things pretty and fresh is kind of what I do....all the time, in between my mom and housewife duties of course.  My kitchen is quite small and dark and has one window that used to wear a pair of lace panels.  Next, I made some green and white buffalo check panels, but moved them to our back door for privacy and light control. So I have been pondering what to do with the kitchen window, especially since the house is going to be photographed in ten days or so for Romantic Country magazine.  While shopping for bedding I ran across a set of twin sheets by Tommy Hilfiger, in a pretty green toile with deer and a woodland setting.  I decided they would make cute curtains in the kitchen, perfect for the cottage vibe I have going.
 Incredibly easy to stitch just a rod pocket at the top, and hem the sides, as I split the flat sheet into a pair of panels.  They are a 60/40 cotton poly blend so they should wash up without any shrinkage.  I think they are really sweet and add that bit of personality I was looking for in the kitchen.  
 The leftover bit is on the dining room table for now. 
Yardage with sheeting is fantastic and its easy on the pocketbook too.
And speaking of always decorating....
 Hold on to your hats!!  I have just finished reading and drooling over this new book from Leslie Sinclair, SEGRETO VIGNETTES.  Leslie is a gifted decorative painter turned entrepreneur, author and designer.  This is the third book she has written and its fantastic! Let me tell you about Segreto, if you are unfamiliar.  They are a company of incredible artists that create amazing finishes for the home.  From walls to ceilings, from floors to cabinets, you will never see finishes more beautiful than you will from Segreto.  Based in Texas, some of the most beautiful residences have been touched by the artists of Segreto.  What is so wonderful about this book, and her other books, is that you get to have amazing tours of incredible homes, one after another.  
 Leslie sent me some of her book images so I could share them with you all.  This dining room has a special plastered ceiling that has been polished with wax to give it a reflective glass like quality. Of course she did the walls too, and I love seeing the light fixtures and the beautiful furnishings in these rooms, don't you?

 This book not only discusses trends in fine finishes, but it also focuses on some of a home's rooms in particular:  The Kitchen, The Bedroom, and The Bath.  When she told me that part of the book shows off Bedroom Retreats, I was very happy as that is one room that has always been difficult for me in my home.  I hoped I would get some ideas and inspiration that I could steal and use for my bedroom.
After seeing so many beautiful bedrooms I came to the conclusion that I would need to start from scratch, hahah!  Well not really, but her lovely rooms all start from a calming zone of neutrals, and that indeed is one sure way to get a bedroom that is a retreat.  Of course many of these rooms have a french flair, and the fabrics and furnishings were just a treat to look at.  Look at the big trumeau mirror and the slipcovered chairs in the sitting area of this bedroom. A window over the bed is disguised with shutters and balanced off with drapery panels, creating a back drop for a pretty bed.  How to work with problem areas and use finishes and other tricks to are also covered in this book.  It is essentially a decorating handbook for creating a GORGEOUS home!! 
Ideas are worth millions.  At least I think so.  When I get my hands on something as special
as Leslie's latest book, Segreto Vignettes, I know it will stoke the fires in my imagination as it relates to my own home or other projects I may be working on.  Stenciling a wall can be so amazing, when it is done as beautifully as the Segreto team does it, and images such as this, make me wonder where I can create similar magic.  So get inspired and get your hands on what will sure to be a staple in your decorating library.  I still look at my first two books from Segreto, and I know this new book will get dogeared pages from repeated reference.  One thing I like to mention is that Leslie is a very lovely person, and she has been supportive to me in my business and family life.  She has created an amazing small business for herself, and I am so impressed that she self publishes her books to bring her portfolio, her ideas and her tips to us readers.  So best of luck Leslie, and I am proud to have your newest book in my collection. 
If a book loaded with heavy glossy pages of beautiful interiors and decor ideas interest you,
you won't be disappointed. I give this book an 11 on a scale of 1-10.

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