Friday, October 22, 2010

Floral Shades & Fairies

I specialize in window treatments, 
although I don't do a lot of posts about them, 
I thought this pretty silk treatment was worth talking about.
And if you don't believe in Fairies, stick around...
I made two of these London shades for a client.
 This gorgeous fabric is a Colefax and Fowler 
silk embroidered pattern in pinks and green
 on an ivory ground~my favorite colors!
We selected this two toned green tassel in an onion ball style
 to coordinate with the green grass cloth wallpaper
 that was being installed in her living room
 while I was fabricating the window treatments.
My workroom
Small rings are attached to create the soft folds
 and gathers that make a London Shade.
The pair are ready to go! 
Come along and see how they look in their new home.
They are perfection against the grass cloth wall covering
 as well as a good solution for this window
 considering the rad boxes underneath.
The velvet settee has a pair of needlepoint pillows.
These pink flowers echo the silk floral pattern beautifully.
Detail of the fabric and trim.
I wish I had taken a good picture of the hooked rug.
 It is just gorgeous, and it was her grandmothers!
I recently did the Winston Valances in the dining room.
 The wallpaper reminds me of a Bermuda style pattern.
 Very British in a happy kind of way...
also in pinks and greens on cream. 
Another gorgeous silk fabric!
Formal yet friendly....
But then a very weird thing happened. 
And it involved Fairies!
While I was installing the draperies my clients friend,
 Brenda Reishus, stopped by. 
She is the interior decorator who helped Lisa pick out her
 fabrics and wallpapers for these rooms. 
We got to chatting about friends in common 
and one of these friends we know believes in fairies.
 She even held a fairy seminar retreat. 
The seminar was full of women who believed in fairies! 
She said you can see fairies in your garden
 and around the house if you are open to them. 
She also said fairies will often appear in your photos as white dots....
Brenda, Lisa and myself got quite a chuckle over this topic. 

What happened next was the WEIRD part.
 I asked them to step aside so I could 
take one more picture of the living room. 
And this is the picture....
White dots covered the entire photo!
I was more than a little shocked when I checked the image.
  Quickly I shared it with Brenda and Lisa.
You should have seen their faces!! 
I had goosebumps!
Are fairies lurking around this neighborhood?
It seems so! 
 The fairies must have been offended by 
our naysaying comments and decided to show up in force!
Not the average day in the life of this decorator.
Sometimes life can be a little weird....
and fun!

Hope you have a fairy nice day!
Fairy Images courtesy of The Graphics Fairy


  1. Cute post Amy, better yet is your work. It is beautiful, you should show more:)

  2. What a lovely home and your window treatments are fabulous. You are obviously very talented.
    We definitely need to see more!

  3. So pretty. The shades look beautiful in their new home.

  4. So funny! Amy, your window treatments are stunning!! I agree, I want to see more too, just beautiful. Enjoy your weekend and keep an eye out for those faires!


  5. Those window treatments are beautiful! What talent you have!!

    And yes, I do believe......

  6. Your window treatments are just beautiful my friend..and someone told me those white dots are light orbs that I did when I take a picture...Love seeing what your doing to your LR girl..Hope you have a GREAT weekend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  7. That fabric is gorgeous ! Love your fairy story.

  8. I love all the detail in the valances...onion balls, love it!! They turned out beautiful and your client's home is just lovely!

    I agree with the other ladies...let's keep seeing your creations!


  9. Both window treatments and fabrics are gorgeous. Beautiful work. Great fairy story too. Hugs, Marty

  10. Your sewing skills are very impressive! I'm jealous. The window treatments are beautiful.

  11. Holy fairy Amy! That was a very interesting post indeed! First, I love the window treatments you did for your clients house. Love the colors. Then your fairy photo gave me the goosebumps. I believe in fairies and fairy tales. The funny coincidence is I just bought a fairy photo board at this vintage shop I go to. I will show you some fairy collection I have, one of these days.

    Happy Friday Amy!

  12. Love this post Amy!! The window treatments are gorgeous- what an incredible job you have done on them! They look perfect & the fairies are a delightful addition! Love the story! :)

  13. I love the floral fabric used for the window treatment, it's so elegant. The room looks wonderful.

    I think the fairies wanted to be sure they were in your post!


  14. You do awesome work. I love those window treatments. That room with the grasscloth is beautiful. That is really strange about the white dots. Maybe there are little fairies lurking around.

  15. I don't know about fairies but you certainly do fabulous work! I have enjoyed poking around you beautiful blog. I will certainly be following along!

  16. Makes you go, hmmm? Beautiful job on the valances. I have to admit, you gave me two new names...London shade and Winston valance. I've never heard either of those terms. Learn something new everyday!

  17. If you believe in fairies clap your hands !
    You are most likely to young to remember that, it's from the Broadway play of Peter Pan.
    Who can resist believing in fairies and never growing up.
    Your window treatments are wonderful !

  18. Love those window treatments, you are very talented!

  19. Definitely worth talking about...those London shades are gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by FK. I am delighted to discover your blog.


  20. Beautiful window treatments - that fabric is gorgeous!

  21. I'm trying to make some bubble shades similar to these London Shades, for my dining room. I've never made anything like this before, so I hope it turns out alright. I wish I could borrow your brain for a few days so I can make them like a pro and not an amateur! Gotta start somewhere, right?


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