Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Store and Kids

Good Day Everybody!  Just wanted to make a few announcements quickly before I leave to teach my Chalk Paint® workshop!  But before I do~check out this super cool dresser Justin created in honor of Boston's subway stops...its the perfect piece for a city dwelling, don't you think?  We will be doing classes on adding graphics to your pieces in the near future. Justin will show you how!  Think of all the ways you could reinterpret this to fit your own area or obsessions!
The Green Line dresser will be in the Boston store today~pop over and check it out and then hit up the outdoor indoor VINTAGE market at SoWa right next doors.  Perfect way to spend a Sunday don't you think....going on a vintage treasure hunt?

 BIG NEWS!! Colin is graduating from University of Massachusetts Amherst next week!!! I am soooo proud of my son~he has been nothing but a pleasure to raise and I look forward to having him join the Maison Decor team fulltime!!!
Brandon turned 30 yesterday!!
 We will be having a family celebration for him at his dad's house next week! 
 Two out of the three of my "babies" are now in their thirties!! YIKES! 
He works at the Red Cross Boston and they just had a huge few weeks 
with the recent atrocity in town with the bombings~so proud of him and all those who
worked so hard to pull it all together and do their best to make things right!
The last big announcement is that we are going to open another location!!!
As soon as I sign off on the lease I will fill you in on all the details.
Figuring out how best to run a small business has been no easy task,
filled with so much to learn as I go and this is just part of it all.
Well off to teach my workshop! This is one of my favorite things I get to do~
seeing lightbulbs come on in my students heads and watching 
them get as excited as I am over this magical paint....
it floats my boat!  I'll be back in the beginning of the week~
until then, have a good one!


  1. Lots of good news, Amy! Congrats to Colin on graduating. My son also graduates {next month - Athletic Training} and we are headed back to Long Island for that. Then he heads to PA for his masters course. I'm doubly excited because I'm finally done paying for college! : )

  2. Good luck on the newest venture. Wow, you have come a long way baby! I have enjoyed watching the process along the way.

  3. Congrats on your sucess! Can't wait to follow your journey with the new store. Just wondering about the mms milk you ship to Australia? I wanted to order some. Thanks! Xx Rani

  4. Wow, three stores! Amazing! Congrats!

    You must have had all these handsome boys at a very young age!

    You are one hard working lady and you deserve all this success!


  5. Amy!! Oh my Colin's graduation! Bravo. Then I have to say I love the table you have done above, love, love! Then a third location! Have you cloned yourself girlfriend? Keep us posted with all of the details!

    Art by Karena

  6. Waking up, sipping coffee, and reading the "good news" of your world, Amy. How lovely you are...proud Mom and amazing business woman! (There's wonderful Mother's day pre-func happening at Maison Decor!) Congratulations to Colin and all with the new venture!

  7. Congrats on so many things..but you look way too young to have kids in their 30's! Looks like things are moving and shaking over there.....and happy to see it's all great things!

  8. wow! Congratulations on all of your very, good news!

  9. I used to commute to the Park St. stop for years! Good memories! You are indeed one proud mom! Congrats to your growing family empire. You're practically a mogul! Best, Beth C.

  10. I don't see how Colin could be graduating.....
    I just met him yesterday, and he was a sophomore.....
    I seem to be having some trouble with the time and space continuome (sp?)
    Give him a big hug for me!

  11. Congratulations on a third store! WOW! I'm so happy for you and all the wonderful things happening in your life. Congratulations to your son also.

    Have a great week,


  12. Wow...lots of things to celebrate in your family..Congrats to Colin on his graduation..Happy Birthday to Brandon and congrats on your new store...So fantastic that your current stores have been such a success that you open another!...good for you Amy!!

  13. Great news all around, Amy! Congrats to Colin and, I'm sure, thanks from ALL of us to Brandon for what he does via the Red Cross.

  14. Awwww, your sons are soooo cute. I'm tickled Colin is going to be working with you too, he is adorable, and i know he's been a great helper. And.... you're opening a 3rd location!!! Holy Cow! Dang!!!


  15. Congrats on all of your wonderful news! I am so happy for Colin! Can't wait to hear the good news about the store. All the best to you!

  16. Woohoo Amy! good news all around. another new store.......girl, i can hardly keep up with you.


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