Friday, May 24, 2013

Patriotic Bunting,Painted furniture and Parties

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
We celebrated by making some patriotic buntings for the Boston shop 
for this weekend sale. 
I got inspired by this Pottery Barn ad~
its a rough cut vintagey looking bunting strung on twine.
 The Maison Decor version~done using 
Chalk Paint® in Emporer's Silk and Napoleonic Blue.
 Detail closeup
I made a cardboard template and then traced it over some white cotton fabric.
Painters tape was used to make the stripe marks.
The I rolled out the red paint with a semi dry foam roller leaving some areas not totally covered.
This part was a synch!
The star part was harder as I cut out stars on some sticky backed shipping labels and then
peeled them off and applied to my cotton bunting flag. Then I rolled over the blue paint.
Quick and easy~I made a six foot bunting and used a heavy twine as the cord.
I folded it over and used a glue gun. No sewing~this is an easy peasy project!
Or you can come into Boston and buy one of these handscreened buntings while they last.
You can hang them outside and they will withstand the rain and the sun.
Then keep them for July 4th and you are good to go!
This French Quatrefoil dresser is done in Coco Chalk Paint
 with plenty of dark wax (after the clear wax of course).
 A custom paint job for a client in Country Grey~also with dark wax. 
I did a light Chateau Grey wash over the drawers and along 
the decorative edge of the table top as this piece is going in a room 
with a Chateau Grey coffee table we did for the same client.  
 I highlighted the shell carvings with the Chateau wash as well~
and finished off with a touch of German Silver Gilders Paste.
This bachelor chest in Olive Chalk Paint just went into Boston for the 
upcoming weekend sale.  It is a beautiful piece also done with dark wax.
Colin did this hall tree for a client.
 She brought us this item from an unfinished wood store
and picked out what she wanted from one of our many samples in the shop.
We are also doing a huge french mirror for her home!
 Colin did a splendid job~its Duck Egg with a French Linen wash
 highlighted with Kings Gold Gilding Wax. And that's about it 
from us at Maison Decor~ I will be teaching an Introductory Chalk Paint
 class this Sunday and then joining all the guys and Madison
 in the Boston store for a Memorial Day cocktail hour!
Our new wall display just called for having a party!
Don't you agree?



  1. Love the patriotic bunting you made! How smart of you. Pottery Barn has nothing over you! Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  2. Love your bunting Amy! Your painted pieces are gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. So clever and so much talent over there!! Every time I see your beautiful pieces it makes me want to load up a huge truck of furniture and driver on over to Boston to let you work your magic!! LOVE that console and that green chest, STUNNING! Enjoy your weekend.

  4. What color is the bench, it looks so cool!

  5. Every time you post I yearn to be back in Boston. How about for your next entrepreneurial adventure you create some instructional videos we can purchase an online subscription to for those of us not lucky enough to live near enough to take your classes? As if you're not already doing enough! Just sayin! Best, Beth C.

  6. Who ever could've done that wall display!?

  7. I LOVE your bunting. That is a great shade of red too! All of the paint techniques above are amazingly beautiful. Wow! That french dresser, and the sofa table are insane. I love the richness of the finish on all of them..
    - now off to catch up on posts i've missed!



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