Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We are Growing~more hours, more help and more stores!

Justin drew this chalk art in the Boston store. 
 I adore it!
Isn't it quirky and fabulous and so artsy?
He continues to impress me with his creative side.
Lucky is how I always feel...and now even more so.
This family run business of ours is getting a little bit bigger.
I am feeling very lucky to have Colin on the staff full time now
as he just graduated from college. 
(Official UMASS grad!)
Its going to be a huge help to me
as well as helping us be more available
 with longer hours and days for the convenience of our shoppers.

 Colin is back on the scene to stay~full time and its fantastic! 
Look for our red Maison Decor truck
 making deliveries in your neighborhood.
When he's not delivering furniture, hes busy painting of course!
Follow us on Instagram @shopmaisondecor and @amymaisondecor
 for behind the scenes hijinks and inspiration!
And then there were 4.....4 people working at Maison Decor! 
Welcome aboard Madison!!
Madison is Justin's girl friend and you will find
 them working together every Sunday in Boston.
So with all of us together under the company umbrella there will be more painting~

more deliveries~
more workshops~

and one more store!!!
Opening in July~details coming soon!
Its just a whole lot more of Maison Decor!!
Boston is rocking the SOWA district every weekend.
Looking for that distinctive piece of furniture
 you just can't find any place else?  

This great dresser we call our Green Line dresser just sold~
more pieces just as cool will be on the way this weekend.
This stunning block front chest in Olive will be in town~its gonna go in a flash!
We all LOVE this piece, its first rate all the way. Great for a living room piece
or in a bedroom...hallway or foyer~you name it! 
How about some unique home accessories to feather your nest?
Stop in and check us out!
Its always a different experience every weekend.
The Boston store will have more than a few show stoppers added
for our Memorial weekend rush!
Like this incredible 8 foot long industrial table!
Wouldn't it be stunning as wine bar station with crushed ice in the trough?
Maybe add some oysters on the half shell for appetizers?
Ya...I can totally visualize it!
and in case you missed it, we are in June issue of Romantic Homes
in a fabulous 4 page layout telling about our little family store 
and just how Maison Decor came to life.



  1. Amy, I couldn't be happier for you. You are REALLY making it happen! You and the guys, and now madison, are working so hard and it's nice to watch you grow.

  2. Amy, Congratulations!!! You sound so thrilled to have your son work full time... I would too!!!!
    So happy about your new store!!!! Good for you!!!

  3. Congrats! I've followed you since the beginning and it has been great to watch you grow!!! I wish all the best.

  4. Wow--so exciting another store??!!! I love how the whole family is so involved. Congrats on how well it is all going for you all :) I'm excited to hear about the new store!

  5. So much to love here Amy~!! And so much excitement, all so well deserved. I love that this is a family affair and by all accounts, looks like you are having loads of fun. So proud of you seriously, you are a true inspiration. I love your outlook, the way you just go for it and have embraced your passion and talent. You rock!!
    PS Love that green dresser and that pale gray desk..both so beautiful.

  6. Congrats to your son for graduating college! That's a huge milestone. Your business is really taking off now. So glad that you can get the family involved completely now.

  7. Congratulations on all the success! I live on Cape Cod but now that I know you are in Boston I will definitely be making a trip up to one of your stores. So exciting. I have recently opened at booth at a vintage co-op and you inspire me to keep treasure hunting. Thanks for the post.

  8. Wow Amy you truly inspire me! Not only are you an amazing artist but now a successful business woman! You are living the dream so glad to be along for the ride.I hope to someday visit one of your lovely shops!You go girl!

  9. I just can't believe how cool this is. Watching you bloom and grow, and become an expert with Annie Sloan paint and techniques.. and now the whole family is involved... Whoa, it's all amazing



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