Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chairs~painted, cherry, fancy and country~for sale!

 When we open on Tuesday, our shop will be overrun with chairs!
We have quite a variety coming into the shop, so let me give you a 
quick glance at what will be available.
This is a solid antique French chair with original needlepoint done in 
soft Scandinavian pinks and taupe.  I see this as a decorative piece
used to finish off a space looking for that French touch.  Justin even
sat in it as soon as I brought it to the shop yesterday.  Its solid!
 How about a pair of ribbon back cherry wood chairs, also in the French Provincial style?
These are first quality and newer than the antique French chair, but still vintage.
Perfect to use beside a fireplace, or create a conversation area.  How about mixing and 
matching at your dining room table simply by covering the apricot velvet cushion?
I bought 6 of them with the intention to sell them as a set...
but then I fell in love with them and decided to switch out the
side chairs I have now and redo them to go in my dining room!
 This is an older photo of my dining room and the only one I can find that
shows most of the side chairs I used to have.  They are a soft French bleu color
with a blue and white toile fabric that is more towards aqua than powder blue.
The fun thing of having a store is I can sell my own vintage furnishings if I 
decide to switch anything out.  So look for four of these French Bleu chairs,
selling for a song at only $89 each!
 This pair of diminutive stuffed french provincial boudoir chairs are still
at the shop.  I had a call from someone last week, so perhaps they will be moving
to their forever home shortly. Super comfortable and in perfect condition.
Truly french and charming as all get out!
 I scooped up this amazing dining room table and chairs this weekend!
Not so vintage, but totally handsome and ready to go as is~no paint necessary.
If you have lusted over a round dining table, consider this set as the table is
essentially a large round shape that can handle six large comfortable chairs.
And as for the new chairs I decided to keep? 
 I am transforming them of course!
A custom mix of Louis Blue, Pure White and Old White Chalk Paint®
followed by a dry brushing of Old White.  I will share the finished 
result when they are ready~promise!
And for those interested in our Boston store, please read Justin's
latest blog post.  We are so depressed over the latest development.
UGH.  Trying to deal with it, but honestly its such a bummer.



  1. WOW every one of those chairs are a beauty!! LOVE the paint are a true master!

  2. I am loving all the chairs, Amy. If only my house isn't packed with way too many chairs already...

  3. I always love to see what you are doing! So sorry about the new store problems--hope it gets worked out soon! I can imagine how frustrating it is for you--makes me mad just reading about it :(

  4. Amy -- I got B&P's post via email and almost cried! I'm hoping it all gets worked out in your favor.

  5. Oh man, i'm such a chair whore, i love every single one of them... especially the fat cushy ones!



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