Saturday, May 10, 2014

Potpourri Post: My bathroom, mora clocks, stores opening and closing.

Maison Decor 
150 Main Street, Reading, MA
Life is so crazy right now! 
We are on speed dial with all the things that are going on in our 
shopkeeping lives. That includes running the Reading Mass store 
from Tuesdays through Saturdays while we close down our first retail 
location that we opened two years ago that evolved into our warehouse
when we moved business to Reading. 
 So we are open and closing and opening stores!
Maison Decor Warehouse
50 Summer Street, Malden, MA
I snapped this window shot after I left our "warehouse" location in Malden
this week. Getting it all sorted out~whats going to go into our new Boston
shop, Pioneer Goods Co, and what will go to Reading. 
Cleaning, sorting, and moving!
 So much harder than opening a new shop I think.
Pioneer Goods Co.
764 Tremont Street, Boston, MA
This is an Instagram post from our Boston shop.
If you follow along on IG @PioneerGoods,
 you will get to see the behind the scenes
in realtime updates on how Justin is doing.  
Of course business continues as usual with the selling of
Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and our wonderful Mora clocks.
Available in both wall and floor models, these
painted reproductions are one of the most popular items we sell.
We sell so many that we don't have them in the shop for very long.
We recommend to call ahead if you want to see one in person,
because as soon as they are painted and hand finished,
 they are shipped out to their forever homes!
This antique white Deluxe Floor Mora is waiting to be picked
up by the owner who placed her order in person.
For those who order online, we offer a color selection
of the actual painted finishes on wooden samplers.
You can find these and the clocks on our website at 
Decorating for clients and doing quick room makeovers
is part of our business too.  I use HomeGoods accessories, like
this padded storage bench, as part of my involvement 
with the Pinterest Happy by Design program,
as well as decorative items from Maison Decor to bring
rooms back to life and it makes for happy clients!
You might remember this room that I did recently for Anna.
I showed the before, during and after on the blog.
The last piece of the room installation was this gorgeous aqua colored
wool rug to tie it all together!  The pillows, wing chairs, garden stool 
and bookcase accessories were all items from HomeGoods!
The carpet and baskets were from Maison Decor.
I will be doing more room makeovers, and now I have my 
assistant, Gina, that will be helping me with these installations.
Last but not least has been trying to get things done in my own home.
I have several projects I am attempting to finish....
the last time I did a major project was about two years ago.
I did these closet doors in my bathroom.  Channeling a Paris Apartment,
I added appliques from Lowes and painted them pink, taupe and gold.
Now I carry the most delicious assortment of appliques, called Efex.
I would have loved to have them at my disposal when I did this project.
At any rate, two years ago in the middle of doing my bathroom over
I took a workshop from Annie Sloan herself in Boston. I planned to blog
about it and then get back to my bathroom project. 
Well that never happened, because she inspired me so much
that I decided to open a little shop selling her paint.
And that abruptly halted my home decor plans....!!!
But I hope to get a bit of my home life back and decorating and 
doing projects is one thing I dearly love.  
I spent my day off this week adding another shelf in the top of my closet so 
I could organize my shoe boxes and hats.  What a difference it made!
There is something wonderful about going into a neatly organized closet.
Its the little things that make me happy!  
Like spring finally arriving in Boston and planting some flowers.
Finally getting to enjoy a bit of gardening.
I wish all of your mothers out there a wonderful Mothers Day.
For those of you without moms in your lives, I will be thinking
of you too.  My own mom just came back from Florida as she is 
a "snow bird".  She is settling back into her home with my dad 
on Martha's Vineyard for the spring and summer.
Happy Mother's Day Mom!! 
I love you!

Note: Part of this post is sponsored by HomeGoods as I am a participating designer in their program on Pinterest, Happy By Design. 


  1. So glad to hear that things are moving along nicely with your shops. I can't wait to see the new one when it's ready for it's reveal. I'm sure you will enjoy having more time at home once things settle down too. Hope you have a great Mother's Day tomorrow!

  2. I still can't get over how easily you move from one journey to the next with your shops, Amy! lol You are truly amazing! But it's so exciting to watch your success grow so quickly. You certainly found your calling - and one that you are sincerely fabulous at. :)

    Happy Mother's Day to you, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie

  3. Just reading about your life makes me tired. :) I have so enjoyed watching your success--I agree with Laurie you have found your calling for sure! Happy Mother's day!

  4. You are those closet door, the gorgeous colored paints, the Mora it all! Your room that you designed is magazine cover rock!

    Wishing you an amazing Mothers Day, may it be filled with much joy, love and laughter!

    1. Your closing the Malden store makes me wonder if you still occasionally get those steak tips! I know, how random of a thought, eh? It's been such a pleasure following along as you live your (and many of our) dream.


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