Monday, May 5, 2014

Insanity!! Behind the scenes of our big sale!

Just when I think things will start to get more manageable and predictable,
we decide to open another store in Boston.  That decision set off a domino effect.
We have to close our first location that we now use as our base of furniture operations.
The first shop location in Malden Mass became our Maison Decor warehouse.
It was filled with furniture that we planned to paint and put in our Reading store,
which is our retail location offering Chalk Paint and supplies as well as 
a curated selection of home decor accessories, lighting and home furnishings.
We opened our first shop two years ago and since that time, I have not
really taken much time off.  My wedding anniversary came last week and it
was finally time to just check out for a bit (meaning 24 hours).  So Mr. Maison Decor
and I hatched a little getaway plan and I left the running of our first warehouse sale
in the hands of Justin.  Colin, who left for a career job two months ago, was begged asked
to help out with the Sunday sale.  He said to me he really didn't think it was necessary.
I told him that people seemed to be showing interest and I thought it might be busy 
for the first two hours anyway and could he please lend a hand.....
I am so grateful that he did!  Justin needed back up! 
It was total INSANITY! 
Have you heard the term of WAREHOUSE MADNESS SALES?
Right before the clock struck ten o'clock, three women came to the door
and Colin unlocked the door and the customers started streaming in.
I started getting texts on my phone while hubby and I were away.
My quiet country escape from the shores of Lake Winniepesaukee 
at one of our friends home was about to end.
 A jolt came right through my phone.
The first text came in from Justin.....
"What?!" I texted back to him....
then Colin texts: "Its insanity!"....."Craziness!"
I had to smile~thankful that our customers were coming out in droves
and that this sale would help facilitate the move to Boston,
with reducing our overload of furniture
 while adding much needed $$$ to make it all happen.
We priced things seriously low~
like this antique mantle at just $100 bucks!!
You will see it on the blog later as it is going to be installed 
into one of our customers home as the focal point for her living room.
So while the guys ran the sale, Mr. Maison Decor and I 
had fun in New Hampshire doing things like visiting this old
fashioned country store in Moultonborough.
Visiting our dear friends, Lance and Judy at their country home 
we were warmly greeted by Dolly, the sheep.  
As many times as I have been to their place she has never 
come out to see me.  She let out a big "Baaaaaaaa" when I got out of the car.
I took a longer video at first, and this is just a quick one.
Look at her face~isn't she just darling?!

 After playing with Dolly, Judy and I hit the antique trail, leaving
our husbands behind to catch up on cars and motorcycles
and take a spin in Judy's new Mini Cooper.  
This time antiquing, I was looking for americana and rustic items 
for Justin's new shop, Pioneer Goods Co.  
I would text him pics to get the yes or no...
I power shopped for Pioneer and gabbed with Judy til the
 guys came and got us for a nice dinner to cap the end of our quickie getaway.
Feather shuttlecocks, old pennants, creels, wood racquets, antlers, globes, 
beautiful leather bound books, croquet balls, walking sticks,
 lanterns, wine casks, pottery and much much more 
were in the haul.  I can't wait to see how Justin merchandises the antiques
with the new items for his shop.  He is turning out to be quite genius at the whole thing
and it makes for one very proud mom! So our little family business keeps 
plugging along~but not without the help of our customers.
We LOVE you guys!! 
Some of these items will find their way to our online shop, which 
will remain the same as it is now, under the parent moniker of Maison Decor.
We continue to offer Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan at the lowest pricing
allowed by corporate, as well as reproduction and vintage home decor
accessories, lighting and furnishings. 
Look for our famous mora clocks and paint workshops online too!
We may host one more Warehouse sale in two weeks and
if we do, we will be sure to let you all know.



  1. Oh Amy, I am so sad I missed the sale. I just couldn't find child care. I see some lovely chairs in the pictures and it is making me even more sad.

  2. Haha! Well, i guess "insanity" is better than a trickle ! That's great! and... Dolly is so so adorable. I would love to paint that gorgeous sweet face...


  3. That kind of insanity...I like. Its so exciting and kind of creates that fun auction fever kind of a mood! Always something fun happening over there.....

  4. Great news! I love that fireplace mantel. That was an incredible bargain! I loved hearing Dave's voice on the sheep video....I never imagined his accent to be so heavy. So fun!


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