Saturday, June 7, 2014

More Efex Applique Projects and Chandeliers

Embellishing a mirror with appliqués.
 Its a narrow oak trimmed mirrored door cabinet. Very plain, we will 
dress it up a bit using Efex.  We used two floral drops
on either side and one ribbon bow in the center at the top.
 After the contact cement is applied to both the back of the applique
and the frame and we have waited 20 minutes, all that is needed is
to put them together and press to assure good contact.  
Here you can see the pieces are glued in place.  After about a half
hour the entire piece can be painted in your choice of color and paint brand.
We plan to use chalk paint, but you can use a primer and a 
latex paint if desired.  Stay tuned as we did not get to that part....because we
were doing a bunch of other stuff that same day.
A new large cabinet that we are using to display the Efex is going to get an 
extreme Efex makeover too!  We are starting out with a wide trim piece that has 
swags and ribbons and decorative borders.    Paint will be the next step.
For now we had to walk away and we will get back 
to this cabinet makeover next week, along with a couple other
projects using Efex, like the medicine cabinet mirror frame.
And around the shop, this is the latest.
 A few chandeliers arrived this week. 
They are all new reproductions of rustic style lighting.
 The window display of lighting is ever changing as we sell 
quite a few of these light fixtures.  And the pretty linen settee
is off to its new forever home~that sold yesterday.  
 For you Park Hill candle fans, our latest batch of seasonal scents
arrived yesterday as well. 

 When we created our front vignette we decided on a purple and green
color palette.  If you haven't tried doing a color
wash, I assure you it is very easy to achieve great results.
 And to make it a bit more fun, I added some tiny old printing on the 
surface in a random fashion.  How?  I just used a rubber stamp and an 
ink pad! Then I sanded it out a bit to make it faded, and then I used a 
clear coat topping, instead of wax for the finish coat.  I will write more
about the Clear Coat by Artisan Enhancements line.  We have it in the shop
and I will be adding it online as well. Its for interior use and dries crystal clear and matte.
Oh, and this table sold yesterday as well to one of our regulars, Karen.
Thanks for always popping in the shop and supporting our store Karen!
 We constantly get new things in the shop, new old things, and new 
repro things.  We have a big 5 foot dining room table and chairs in the
shop right now~don't you love eating at a round table? I do.
 Not the best photo, but there it is...our store is stuffed to the gills right now.

How about a petite french drop leaf writing desk 
 as a nice addition to a bedroom?  
 Have a great weekend everybody!


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