Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pioneer Goods Co shop preview this weekend!

 Pioneer Goods Co. 
Our sister store to Maison Decor is located in Boston's South End
at 764 Tremont Street.  We are having a preview this weekend 
for all of our followers and neighbors who have been excited about the shop.
At this point we have a few boxes left to check off with the 
city~they haven't been the easiest folks to deal with.
 Small businesses (they say) are the backbone of America.
We have already hired two guys to work in our little Boston shop.
We are not just another pizza parlour or nail salon....
wouldn't you think we would get the red carpet rolled out
by the city?  Don't they know that all of our neighbors in town
have been stopping by and offering words of praise and excitement
and telling us that they are sooooo happy we are there!
 So while not officially open, we will fling open the doors
to host a Preview Weekend....hey we do have our bills to pay.
 Justin has created a little masterpiece of a shop! 
Filled with antiques, vintage goods and reproductions, its just fantastic!!
I cannot wait to visit it myself~believe it or not, I have only been twice.
Running retail businesses are not for the faint of heart.  You can expect
to work like a dog and take a beating, enjoy highs and lows and, like the mailman,
be there every day.  So that is why I haven't been in Boston much, but I hope to visit 
Sunday when Maison Decor in Reading is closed.
 We won't be carrying much duplicate merchandise as Pioneer Goods Co
is very vintage, but we do have a couple of things we share like this farmhouse
pendant with crystals.  
Justin has this great looking rustic basket chandelier on reclaimed wood
hanging over the long harvest table.  It looks amazing~and you might be the 
one to take it home with you this weekend! Just get in here and see it for yourself,
as well as all the other amazing pieces he has amassed to create his look.
Rustic Home Revival
Hope you can stop in!
Saturday and Sunday June 21-22


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