Saturday, June 14, 2014

New store and wedding shower

 Justin has been working his talented tail off getting our new shop, 
Pioneer Goods Co. ready for business.  I don't have any updates as far as
permitting goes, but we continue to be hopeful and as soon as I hear anything
it will be splashed across this blog! But here is a peek of his progress to date.
 Reclaimed rustic wood furniture has arrived, like our Pioneer Bench. 
 We have added these items
to our online shop for those who may be interested as 
we will sell by appointment.
 How about this Harvest table? Its a beast of a table and 
its over seven feet long made out of elmwood.
 Today is Madison's bridal shower!  This is the gift I am bringing~
 Justin will be working the Reading shop for me, while Mr. Maison Decor 
will be our designated driver/chauffeur for me, my sister Ellen, 
my mom and my MIL!  We will be driving south of Boston to
 an enchanting little town called Scituate. 
 Its on the ocean, and we will be celebrating right on the harbour!  
This is one of the best things about living in New England, 
you are always a short drive from the ocean.  And where there is ocean, there are usually beautiful cottages and homes,  pretty seaside vistas and a lighthouse or two.  A lovely place to gather and celebrate a wedding to be.  Out on the deck of the Mill Wharf Restaurant, I took
this photo of the bride to be with her attendants.  What a perfect day!
 More photos to come~if only for our own family 
remembrances, this was a very special day.


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