Friday, January 8, 2016

Grey and White Winter Style

With Christmas 2015 in the books, so went all the decorations.
Our decor went from full on "Christmas Holiday" to "Winter Style". 
At first, I thought I would live with the tree for a bit longer, as in a winter forest tree...
just white lights and no ornaments, but it still felt too Christmassy. So down it came,
the last of our holiday decor to get packed away.
Less feels more right about now.  My desire to pare down and de-clutter is 
pretty strong. My "Winter Style" is all about less stuff and
built around a grey and white color palette with a sprinkle of metallics.    
 Right before the holidays I got these grey and white linen panels from Ballard Designs.
They warmed up the room and since I have always been a fan of Buffalo Check pattern
I knew I would love the grey and white panels.  I bought them for the dining room, but ended
up loving them in the living room instead.  Having the white slipcovered sofa makes it
easy to switch out pillows, and so two jumbo grey linen pillows found their way into the mix.
 Using less accessories also meant using less pillows, 
so I added this simple beaded snowflake pillow.
Faux or real sheepskin fur throws add a magical wintery feeling of Dr. Shivago style.
Our normal stacks of books and candles were taken off of the coffee table trunk, 
where only the vintage silver tray remained to hold my current reading
 supply of decor magazines and a few votives for evening atmosphere.
 As you may know, our family loves dogs. A collection of vintage dogs
 that was in an upstairs room would be just the right accessory for our Winter look, 
with grey and white and metallic.  Moving things around is the perfect way
to shop your house for accessories when changing up the look of a room.
 Vintage silver mixes it up with the gold touches in the room. Our candlestick lamps
 are vintage brass, and don't have that shiny look anymore, which is really nice. 
 Its a soft dull gold that looks warm and pretty. I decorate with lots of vintage, as it gives
a room lots of personality.  No more rules about not mixing silver or gold either.
Another beaded pillow with silver and gold beads,
 sits on the velvet tufted chair next to our piano.
A mix of grey and white with just a handful of metallic accents is
what my Winter Style is all about.  When spring finally arrives
I will be ready for more color and accessories, but for now this feels just right.
Shop your own home and pull together bits from other rooms to give
your space a fresh look for the winter.  Check out how my design blogger
friends have transitioned from their holiday decor to the Winter season.
So many great ideas and there is no one way to do it~after all,
personal style should be just that. 


  1. Amy, I am loving less too especially the older I get. Loving your gray and white checked drapes and need o check those out. Cute dog collection and how cute is your big baby on the sofa.

    1. Kim so fun to join together in this blog hop, I have been following you and Courtney forever and a day it seems. xo

  2. I love your black n' white curtains! I have some Very similar in living room, dining room n' kitchen. I saw on an online fabric store-large black n' white gingham in Organza (!!!) for $1.69 per YD...!!...I bought Dozens n' dozens of yrds! The store actually called me and said I had bought the entire last remains of that stock and did I want a few more yds as that would complete the stock; Yes of course I I also bought yards of a lovely black n' white Toile. I rubber-banded enough 'gingham' to the sides of each window (FLoor length with Generous Puddles-which I kick under as they're not hemmed)-I fastened the bundled curtain to nails on each side of windows. Then took toile and depending on the room-draped swags over the windows. I made each room a bit different but the 'side' curtains were all in 'gingham' and the drape/swags were in toile. I bought a hem tape one irons on and 'hemmed' the toile with that. It took two days to have curtains for a floor to ceiling 5 window bay (dining room), a 3 window bay (kitchen) and two large window (living room). I had enough left overs to make roman shades with both fabrics for my laundry room.....LOVING It !!! LOL.....LOVE your website and love how classy it looks!!!!

    1. Oh that sounds beautiful and at a bargain too, which makes it even better!

  3. Your drapes and touches of grey are perfect! I also love a cleaner, fresher look for winter. especially after the en mass of Christmas! Beautiful winter room, Amy!

    1. Thanks so much Yvonne, I think we are all in agreement with winter decor, less is more!

  4. Beautiful Amy....I love the gray and white in your room and the simplicity of what winter brings. You have certainly accomplished that in this gorgeous room.

  5. Love this coloration and your home has never looked have the magic touch for sure Amy!! Happy 2016:)

    1. You are always making me smile with your sweet comments. Happy New Year Tina!

  6. Your home always looks classic and lovely Amy! Thanks for joining in with the design bloggers today...I'm off to pin your looks shortly! Janet

    1. My pleasure, and thanks for the invite Janet. xox

  7. Those drapes are wonderful Amy! I have always loved your style and the winter look is cozy and inviting.

  8. The gray and white check drapes look wonderful in the living room, Amy! I like those headers over the drapes, too! The whole room looks very cozy and inviting for the cold winter months ahead. You did a fantastic job pulling everything together for a classic look!
    LOVE it!

  9. Everything is lovely. I especially covet your collection of vintage dogs!

  10. Amy,

    Your living room looks so pretty - but then I always love your taste! And those curtains are amazing! I think they make the whole room. I too love a "pared" down look for Winter with neutrals and less clutter taking center stage.



  11. So pretty Amy! Always love seeing your gorgeous home!!

    1. Thank you Courtney, your home is full of my kind of inspiration!

  12. So pretty Amy! Always love seeing your gorgeous home!!

  13. Just so classic and soothing. Those buffalo check curtains...swoon.

  14. What is the valance over the curtains?

    1. That is a vintage metal cornice board that I found at an antique shop. Basically it is a thin stamped metal that was attached to a simple pine board with ends. I painted it white after resizing it to fit my windows. I think one could make a similar cornice using the stamped metal available at box stores or using the wallpaper that has the raised patterns in anaglypta papers.

  15. Like you and many others, after Christmas I too do a less is more approach. This year I went with warm, vintage brass accessories and faux animal prints. It really warms up the pale gray/white trim room. Your room looks lovely!

  16. Amy your home is so beautiful. I love those curtains and all the soft surroundings.


  17. Your home is always beautiful and i love seeing how the changes totally give a different look! I hope you have a great week sweet friend!! xo Leslie Sinclair

  18. I found your blog from Finding Silver Pennies and audibly gasped when I saw the photos of your home. I just bought my first condo and have been slowly decorating and making it my own, and your home is such a perfect representation of what I was going for. White and gray, French elegance and casual comfort, just a little bling, it's all so perfect! I've been struggling to take things slow to make sure I end up with the perfect pieces instead of buying a bunch of things are "okay for now". It helps that I have no money left after buying the condo. ;)


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