Sunday, January 17, 2016

My home's feature in Italy's Casa da Sogno magazine

Last year I was contacted by an Italian journalist asking if she could feature my home
 in an Italian magazine.  Casa da Sogno, which means Dream Home, 
features beautiful homes from around the world.
November 2015 cover of Casa da Sogno
 I was honored to be asked, and although this publication is not sold in the United States, I was able to get the article from my friend, Cindy Roe Blackenburg.  Cindy is also a design blogger and was  featured in the same November 2015 issue.  The cover lists our features, which I translated to read
 "Romantic Interiors for the House of Amy" and "Elegant Brocante for Cindy".   Her home is one of my all time favorites, as it is decorated in the French style with vintage mix that I love so much. 
I will provide a link at the end to her blog so you can get a look at her gorgeous home, 
all of which she has been remodeling with her husband with stunning results.
Cindy provided scanned images from the magazine, as she was lucky enough to get her hands on a real copy.  I finally got to see it this week, and I think it looks beautiful. They did lighten the pics quite a bit, which distorts the colors a bit, but it still looks great and fun was to see.  I took all of these photographs the day after Matthew Mead photographed my house for his DECORATING magazine. 
(That magazine is on my blog sidebar with a link to purchase if you are interested).   If you haven't seen a copy yet, then these images will be new to you.  If you have seen the DECORATING magazine you will note that there are photos of my kitchen that wasn't featured as well as additional angles of many of the rooms.  I hope you enjoy looking through "the pages" of Casa da Sogno, even if you can't speak Italian!  I include an interview at the end, which is what most of the text of the article is taken from, but I have not translated it, so hopefully it is all nice stuff, haha.

The interviewer asked me to answer the following questions, and so I 
imagine the article's translation would contain much of this information
I provided to them.  It is included below if you are interested.
1. What is your favourite room? 
My favorite room is my living room, as it has my favorite things in it.  The antique blue opaline chandelier and the hand painted Italian table are both very dear to me. I love how antiques bring a room to life, and both of these really add a dimension of age and time to a room that is rather new.

What do you like most in decoration? 

I love decorating with antiques and vintage objects as I feel a room has much more personality when it has links to the past.  I wonder, what room and home did this item live its previous life, and who was it's custodian?  Connections to the past feel more real than just running out and picking something up at a home decor store. Color is also  important in decoration.  I like to stick to a neutral color palette and then add one color for interest.  I have an affinity for European stye, and this shows up in the way I have chosen to decorate the interior and exterior of our home.

Where do you live? 
I live in a small city outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is a small yet fantastic city, my son has a shop there selling antiques called Pioneer Goods! I love to be able to travel to a major metropolitan city to access to all a city like Boston has to offer, yet only a short drive back home where we live our life in a more countrified setting.
These are just a few questions but please tell me a bit of you and your home. 
I am an interior designer who lives with my husband, sons and a new puppy.  I loved creating a home that is welcoming and embraces all that homemakers have to offer  their families.  To me it is a very important part of life, creating a beautiful setting, filled with family traditions, wonderful meals and enjoying each other's company and being supportive to one another.  We are a very lucky family and I know that my role is important in that way.  My design business takes up my spare time and I find it very fulfilling to create.  The need to create has taken me on many journeys, from professional curtain making when I was younger to designing and decorating  beautiful spaces for clients.  I recently had a run at the shopkeeping role, and found that took too much out of me, leaving not much left for the family life that I love. Currently I am working with other designers I respect doing collaborative projects.  My other interests are sketching, blogging, cooking, painting,  traveling, gardening, and playing with our dog.  

And now take a trip to this amazing home....
Visit Cindy's drool worthy home here at her blog Edith & Evelyn Vintage
Its really incredible!  Thanks again to Cindy for providing the images
so I could enjoy them and share them with you. 

And check out my blogger friend from England, Krissie's home that is the covergirl 
of the December issue of Casa da Sogno.  She has an enchanted cottage by the shore,
and it has been remodeled by her and her hubby as well.

Click here to see her feature. Its one enchanted little cottage filled with charm.
What fun to be surrounded with lovely blogging friends and to share these moments together.
I hope you enjoy these features and find a little pleasure and inspiration along the way.

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  1. Love it!!! Your home is stunning, and so thankful I found you on Instagram!💜💜

  2. Amy, I'm so glad we are both featured in this lovely magazine, and thank you so much for including us in your wonderful post! I have enjoyed visiting and drooling over every detail in the pictures of your gorgeous home!
    Edith & Evelyn Vintage

  3. Congrats on your feature your home looks beautiful....


  4. Congrats Amy!!! That is the coolest thing!!! Now the whole world knows your talent! have a great day!!! Leslie Sinclair

  5. Gorgeous! Love seeing so many rooms. Your touch and inspiration is uplifting. Congratulations, also.

  6. Beautiful Amy. Congratulations on your feature. xx

  7. Hi Amy,wow your home looks so beautiful as always,i really enjoyed seeing your article and your Q & A,thank you so much for mentioning my feature and linking to my blog and for your very kind words xxx

  8. Congratulations Amy! How wonderful that feature is - and your home looks beautiful, as always:) I so enjoy seeing your house here and on IG - so inspiring! (and the little guy too:))


  9. You are an international decor sensation, Amy! You must be so truly are an amazing woman, and deserve all the recognition coming your way. Congratulations to you!

  10. Your home looks like a dream... So awesome to be featured in such a pretty magazine! Congratulations Amy!!!


  11. What a great feature if your home!

  12. How lucky they were to get to feature your home in their mgazine

  13. Wow, wow, wow! You know you've "made" it when your skills and gorgeous home are being featured in another country! Amazing feature ... congratulation ... well deserved!


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