Thursday, January 14, 2016

My first box of crayons

My creative journey quite possibly started when I was handed a box of crayons
in first grade.  At least I have strong memories of opening the box and smelling the 
scent of the new crayons. Being excited about it and then selecting a perfectly pointed new
crayon to start coloring on my school work.  I loved to color. Maybe I liked coloring more
than the other kids in first grade....I know creating and coloring did something to me.
If you had to remember your earliest memory of creativity, what and when would it be?
Fast forward a whole lot of years and I am still guided by my need to create.
Many of my friends are in this circle too, and thats no coincidence, as I think
like minded folks tend to gather around each other.  Last year I met a group of
multi-talented creatives when we all met via Matthew Mead when he featured us in
his magazines.  Left to right, Ellen McHale (artist) Matthew Mead (Lifestyle guru), 
Amy Chalmers (designer),  Sandra Cavallo (graphic artist and designer), 
Danielle Driscoll ( DIY design blogger), and Cary Goodrich (antique dealer) .
Its been terrific meeting these people and getting to work and socialize with them.
Of course you all have read my many posts about Matthew Mead.
We have been doing lots of projects together, including a recent trip antiquing
to New Hampshire for the day. Its always inspiring to be around him, as he is the king
of creativity in my book.  We both love antiques and vintage and its a pleasure seeing what
captures his eye and how he would interpret using it in home decor.
Cary Goodrich has a presence at both the famous Brimfield Fair and  Thoreauly Antiques Shop in Concord, Ma. Her creative eye picks the most wonderful smalls for collectors of all types, and 
I am always in awe of her personal collections and those she offers her customers. 
She showcases much of her intriguing collections on Instagram at CPGoodrich.  
Sandra Cavallo's home is the main attraction for her legions of Instagram followers.
Find her at OldSilverShed and see her brilliantly designed Cape Cod home.
Its quite possibly my most favorite house EVER.  Her background in design mixed with her
originality is evident in everything she does.   Simply amazing, this one.
Ellen McHale is a multi-media artist and she presented me with this portrait she
painted.  Her artwork is happy and fresh, and combines old bits of papers with paint 
from her palette.  Its so inspiring to me to see how others are creative.  Things they can do
I could never, and things I can do, they cannot....but we are all using our creative
energy to express ourselves.  And for me it started with a lovely box of crayons...
and a really fun and amazing first grade art teacher, whose name I don't remember.
(Danielle and Ellen at Sandra's house for a party, MM in background)
I was honored to be asked by Danielle to be featured on her blog as part of her 
"Creativity Over Coffee" series. 
 I liken it to a Dick Cavett interview...anyone remember him?  
Always interesting and thought provoking and pleasant. 
Danielle's interview is about the "Creative Process" and how one goes about finding theirs. 
This time it was my turn to share on her blog, Finding Silver Pennies.
It probably isn't as good as this interview, but who knows? 
They really are yucking it up over something Katherine Hepburn said.
  Dick looks embarrassed!! Hahah! 
But isn't it always interesting learning more about people in general?

So, get a cup of coffee or a glass of wine 
(depending upon your time zone and preference)
 and then head over to Danielles' blog to read more 
of this compelling and fascinating interview with moi (!!!!).

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  1. Lovely post Amy! The box of crayons that I remember is my first box of 64. I cherished that box of crayons! Being raised by a very creative mama, she nurtured and encouraged my creativity, making sure we always had the "tools" {crayons, paper, pens, paint, brushes, canvas, etc} to explore that talent. I have painted for as long as I can remember, exploring oils, acrylics, and watercolors. These days, I don't paint on a canvas very often anymore, but look out if it's a piece of furniture! Cindy
    Edith & Evelyn Vintage

  2. Love this post! What fun it would be to gather with such creative people! (and I am such a fan of Sandra's - met her through IG and love following/chatting with her! Her house is truly stunning).

    Loved the smell of crayons when I was a kid (still do)!! My creative outlet was a wall that I covered (literally) with all kinds of cut outs from magazines; outfits, houses, rooms, sayings, models, etc. I always say Pinterest is now my "mood wall" that I had when I was in Junior high!



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