Saturday, February 6, 2016

Matthew Mead and Amy Chalmers Decorating Videos

Matthew Mead and I have been in talks planning this project for months and 
we finally are unveiling our new videos on all things decorating!
Click on the photo above and it will take you to our own channel, full of 
decorating videos.  Well, right now there are only a handful, but we will be 
adding videos every week on various topics like 
  • Beautiful Interiors that Inspire!
  • Design/Home Decor/Garden Book Reviews
  • Our Color Crushes~the go to colors we adore!
  • House and Garden Tours: Go inside with us!
  •  Antique Jaunts:  hit our favorite antique shops with us!
  • Personal Collections: How to build them and display them!
  • Easy and Stunning Floral Arrangements
  • Craft Sessions:  "Valentines Candy Boxes" is this months feature
  • Garden Style: Giving your own garden personality
  • Designer Style Tips for the rooms in your house
  • Everyday ideas that are simple, affordable and brilliant!
  • Finding your true Home Decor Style
Our videos will be on YouTube, and our channel is called
Decorating with Matthew and Amy
 You can subscribe to get a notice that we have added videos to our channel.
Its a new way to watch " TV" for those of you who haven't watched any videos on YouTube.
We have created a station for everyday people who are into design and ideas.
Here is a Welcome Video we made, and its just one of the first videos
that we added to our channel on YouTube.
I have also added a button on the top right of the blog so you can click on that
link anytime you visit my blog to see if we have added any new videos.
So take a peek and join us! 

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  1. How cool is this, Amy! I've been a fan of Matthew's forever......two super creative minds! I'll subscribe to y'all's channel. I' headed over there right now!

  2. Watched the videos! Amy, you are so cute...."What the heck?"

  3. Wonderful news Amy!! Congrats! I subscribed!!

  4. They are great!! Love the valentine one especially!

  5. So happy to follow the new adventure..
    I would love it if you could interview Betsy Speert..:-)

  6. I subscribed. First video I watched was the bloopers....those usually tell how much fun the people are really having :-) Good job you two!

  7. How exciting! I've already gone and watched some of your videos and love them. You both are the perfect couple to do this type of show. I loved the book review video. Looking forward to seeing more from you both.

  8. Congrats Amy (and Matthew)...can't wait to see the videos!!!

  9. Brilliant you couldn't have paid with a better person. I'm happy for the both of you. I think you compliment each other

  10. I'll be watching Cuz! Exciting!


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