Friday, February 26, 2016

Video shoot and a living room tour

Look at my dog Colby!! 
He is growing and is so fun to have around...
look at him posing on the sofa.  Last night something funny happened.  For four months he has been sleeping on our bed.  For the last two nights he kept jumping off the bed during the night, acting restless and hubs and I weren't getting any sleep.  So last night hubs brought up Colby's dog bed and plopped it on our bedroom floor.  Colby climbed in and slept the entire night without making a peep (well he does snore).  So here we were shocked!! We thought dogs LOVE sleeping on people beds and feel privileged to do so...but our boy wants his own big boy bed apparently.
That was a mind blower, but we all slept fantastically!!! 
Anyway, let me tell you the latest:
 This week I prepared for a series of videos that Matthew Mead and I planned to 
shoot at my house.  We try to shoot at least six videos on all kinds of topics, like
decorating, floral arrangements and book reviews.  This time we added a new 
category which I think we will be doing regularly, which is just talking about stuff.
Random stuff, but the discussion will revolve around design and decorating.  For example
we talked about our connections with Martha.  Yeah, that Martha.  Martha Stewart.
You won't want to miss that video convo!  When it is all edited I will load it onto
our DECORATE channel and you can watch it with a click of the finger.
 We also decided to add some mini house touring, 
and we filmed my living room and dining room.Its fun to see it live 
and in video format,  rather than a carefully stage photo.  
This way you really get a feel for the room and see how the house is laid out.  
Matthew is filming me talking about my living room.  And how did we get this pic?  
 It was taken by Julia Sullivan, formerly my go to gal at my shop Maison Decor, 
she is now doing most of our videography for our segments. 
 Matthew and Julia posed in front of this darling woodland centerpiece
 we created, and that was also one of the segments we filmed for our channel.
 So I hope you will get a chance to visit our DECORATE channel, 
and if you want to come inside and "walk" around with us, click on the link! 
 I will be busy blabbing away about the various things in the room, 
like my hand painted table that many of my readers love, 
and might have thought I sold since it is no longer front and center as my coffee table.
This big rustic trunk has taken its place...
and you know with me, I am always decorating and that means painting,
 rearranging and adding little touches. 
 Next time I blog, I will be showing off some spring touches
 in the dining room, and a new addition!

Visit our DECORATE channel and see my mini house tour by CLICKING HERE
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  1. You guys are so cute on the videos! I especially liked how you interacted on the Book Review one. Lots of fun to watch; lots of great ideas.

  2. Loved your U tube tour! Your home as always is beautiful!!! xo Leslie Sinclair


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