Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Photo Shoots and Farmhouse Mirrors

 Love love love these Woodlawn blue walls...I am so happy with the color.
With every day I grow to like it more and more, which is a good thing.
With paint it can be a bit nerve wracking to pick a color and then discover
it really isn't what you had in mind after all.  So with that, I started thinking of 
perhaps painting the dining room walls.  But I really love the simplicity
of how the room feels, so I am not sure I am ready to pull the paint trigger just yet.
 I was considering painting the doors, and maybe that is all I would need for awhile.  
One thing that I will be changing is the mirror in the room.  I found an amazing mirror
at AntiqueFarmhouse.com and it is going to make a huge difference in here.  
 This is the mirror I fell in love with, and it is four feet long and three feet wide.  
A statement piece for sure!  I think it will convey more of the french farmhouse
look in the dining room that I am going for....
When Antique Farmhouse asked if I wanted to work with them, how could I resist?
They have loads of rustic, cottage, farmhouse style accessories,
 from large to small items that can finish off your space,
which is exactly what I am hoping this beautiful mirror will do for my dining room.
 The reason why I am extra motivated right now to get all of my rooms 
looking extra pretty is because Fifi O'Neill is coming to shoot my home this spring!
Here she is looking through the camera lens at a shoot last year at My Desert Cottage.
Fifi and interiors photographer,  Mark Lohman will be doing their thing at my house!!
So all of the projects I planned to do this year at a leisurely pace, will now have to get done
just a bit more quickly!  
 Fifi is the author of books, like this one that is one of my faves, and 
she is also the editor of several magazines, so I am not sure where my house 
will be featured quite yet.  All I do know, is I want it to look the way I imagine it can look, 
which in my mind is pretty amazing (hahah) I just have to finish my projects....
 Like this one, with the help of Mr. Maison Decor, I scored on this antique French daybed 
with the makers mark still welded to the frame.  I have to make a mattress and
 cushions and pillows and all that stuff.  I imagine it sitting outside in the French courtyard 
I created last year, which is almost finished, but not quite.
 So while its still winter time, my mind is firmly planted in spring, 
where photo shoots will be taking place, and things will be painted and new mirrors 
will be hung, creating my vision of that french style home I aspire to create.
(source unknown)
So for now, this dream is still a dream...
but I am getting one step closer, one step at a time.

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Note: This is a partially sponsored post by Antique Farmhouse.com.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. Amy,
    I came across your blog quite by accident. I questioned if it was you until I saw your picture! It is so great to see your beautiful house. I can attest to your wonderful talent from your home 25 years ago! It is great to see that the years have not changed your wonderful style and knack for constant change and rearranging!

    I'm looking forward to reading more and getting lots of ideas!

    Mary Ann Lawson

    1. HI Mary Ann!! Oh my goodness what a fun email/comment to get! How is my little baby girl doing? All grown up I bet. Thanks for leaving the note, and I hope you are doing fantastic!
      xo Amy

  2. How exciting, Amy to have Fifi and Mark come!! Congrats!

  3. Amy, you blue walls are dreamy fabulous and yes, it would look great extended into the dining area. Those two spaces would flow together and appear very spacious. I can only imagine how pretty your French doors will look set against beautiful blue.

  4. Oh my goodness, so excited for you! Wow, Fifi O'Neill...definitely a dream come true, but well deserved! I can't believe she hasn't shot your home before now! Congratulations Amy! Oh, and I love the mirror you chose from Antique FarmHouse!

  5. Ooooh totally in love with both the mirror and the French daybed. Cannot wait to see which publication your home will be featured in. Also very much looking forwad to seeing your backyard when the weather is nice and warm. Congratulations on your home being featured! What an honor! I really love the blue LR too!

  6. Fifi and Mark are coming to your house?!!!...How so very exciting!!!....I have never met Fifi as Sunday H. was the stylist that came to my home; however I so enjoyed a wonderful telephone conversation with Fifi and she is soooo nice!....What a great find with that amazing French daybed...and it looks so similar to the photograph of the one you presented...I am anxious to see it in your French garden...I love the blue in your living room too!...

  7. I just LOVE your home and everything looks so warm and inviting. I really love the dining room wall color! Can you please share what color you painted it? I would sure appreciate it! Congratulations that your home was chosen. What an honor! I Love, Love, LOVE your blog!

  8. That is so exciting Amy! Wow, your house is truly deserving. And I can't wait to see it when it's all together in your final stages!!

    Love that mirror by the way:)


  9. Hi Amy,
    Love the wall color and the Farmhouse Mirror will be perfect! So excited about your upcoming feature by Fifi and loving the gorgeous iron day bed.

    You are one busy girl!


  10. Wow! That is all very exciting new! My friend Deidra bought one very similar last spring. I was so excited about it cause it's the real deal. She has it in her sunroom. The people she bought it from had already had an antique looking mattress made for it. Her bed folds up. Does this one? I'm so jealous that you are having fun at your house. I feel like I am never at mine any more and never get to do projects for me now that I am a working interior designer. Work is going well, I just miss my house. Can't wait to see your house wherever it shows up.

  11. Love the color in your living room, Amy.....it's so similar to what's in my dining room.
    The mirror will look fabulous in your room!! I've been very pleased with the items I've ordered from Antique Farmhouse...as well as Decor Steals. I can just imagine how excited you are to get your French daybed out in that beautiful courtyard of yours! Fifi and Mark are so fun, and down to earth. You will have a blast with them!
    Enjoy getting your home ready for the shoot.....I'm sure it will be amazing!!!


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