Thursday, March 3, 2016

Easter Egg Centerpiece

 Hi Everyone!  Lets talk about Easter and Spring and the decorations
 that go along with that special time of year.  It can be so easy to decorate for Easter, 
but sometimes maybe we just keep doing the same old thing.  
So how about a few ideas?
 We started with some eggs....
and then you can boil them or blow them out so they are hollow
 and and paint or dye them in your favorite colors.
 Then sprinkle them around any flower arrangements, like this yule log type 
container that I had at Christmas time.  I kept the container and then for spring 
I filled it with crumpled newspaper and covered the top with moss and then fit 
small juice glasses with hyacinths into the container.  Sprinkle with a few painted eggs 
and its simply charming! Matthew Mead made these eggs by blowing them out and 
spraying them in the colors that I just adore. 
 But you could do them all in shades of pink or purple.
Think of the possibilities to personalize this for your own home.
We will be sharing our video soon on our DECORATE channel on
just how we made this Spring Woodland Log centerpiece.
 How about an easy Topiary Bunny Centerpiece using a store bought wreath? 
 Its simple and festive and charming.  These ideas are some of what you
 will find on Matthew Mead and my DECORATE channel on YouTube.
So head over and watch our 3 minute video on how we made this enchanting centerpiece!
And see the bloopers at the very end when we screwed up our lines or the camera was rolling
and our camera gal Julia didn't mention it....haha!

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  1. Love it Amy...and I have to say that I love the photo of you at the is a beautiful one!....Have a great weekend!

  2. I really love that ivy "nest" one, Amy. You always have great ideas on here. Happy pre-Easter. xo Diana

  3. Such pretty ideas, Amy!
    Love the video...especially the
    Have a fun weekend.


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