Monday, March 21, 2016

Pretty black floral desk

Last time I blogged, I spoke about how my grey industrial work table
just wasn't working for me in my home office/studio.  I said I was likely
going to go looking for a French style desk or writing table.  But then a funny
thing happened after I did a run to Michaels craft store for some supplies.
At Michaels, I noticed some very pretty black floral drawer liner papers. 
I bought two boxes of them thinking I might use them to cover books or line the back
of my china cabinet/bookshelf in the office as an accent.  But then it struck me!
Use it as a covering on the old worn out desk top!  Simply applied with 
some Mod Podge (a glue type product for sticking and sealing), I first decoupaged
the table top.  Then I kept going....the legs and the sides and it just kept 
looking better and better! 
It was a quick and easy project, that I would say is beginner level.
On another whim, I added a few cutouts of the paper where the lilac stripe met
the beige wall, and I let it "drip" down between the old french plates.
I applied this with a Tacky Repositionable Spray
 (I use it for holding stencils in place normally),
 so if I want to remove it I can, as I wasn't sure I would love it. 
 But its pretty and whimsical and it is staying for now and I am in love with my office!
This decorative paper really turned this masculine 
old work table/desk into something I think is very chic.
And in case you forgot what the old desk looked like...
Here it is in it's before state, a stained linoleum top on steel frame.
The style was just too far away from the French look I had going on.
The white modern chair was enough of a "modern mix", 
and yet the table wasn't doing anything but drag down the space.
A little creativity and some decoupage rescued this table and turned 
it into the star of the room.  Think of how you can create personal style using this
 idea in a kid or teen's room, or your own private space like I did.  However,
I wasn't sure what people would I shared a little peek on Facebook.
It seems people love it too!
Just when I thought I might be crazy, Courtney Allison, 
 asked me if I had seen the black floral desk from designer Cynthia Rowley?
Well no, I hadn't, and after a quick google search I found it!
Modern lines, and a bold pink and black floral!
Its in her new collection with Hooker Furniture....but hey, how about
you make your own with your own favorite paper instead?
I did mine for less than $15.  Her desk is a little less than $2000.
Haha, now that is amazing!

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