Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pretty Easter Centerpiece

This is a good centerpiece idea for last minute table decorating for Easter.
Maybe some of you are like me this year....a bit behind the eight ball?
Matthew Mead and I love to set a pretty table, and it starts with the centerpiece!
When you hit the grocery store buy some white eggs and some spring flowers.
You will need some moss or grass as a  "covering", and in this video
we used sheet moss from Walmart, but you could also use Easter grass,
or make your own grass by shredding your own colored paper.
Check out this quick 2 minute tutorial on how Matthew and I 
recycled my Costco Christmas planter into a darling Easter decoration.
We filmed this at my dining room table...and when Matthew left he took his gorgeous 
blown eggs with him! So all week long I have been blowing out my eggs and having omelets
for breakfast each day.  I plan to paint up the group for my own Easter table this year.
But that won't be until this I will share it after the holiday.
Wishing you all a very nice Easter, from Matthew and myself.

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  1. You guys always bring the best ideas and it shows that y’all are having a blast whenever you’re together!


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