Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pretty Swedish Style Wallpaper for my Staircase

I am excited to share my recent wallpaper project.
The layout of  our house has the entryway and staircase
practically in our living room.  Its always been a design challenge,
how to separate but not ignore the staircase.
 Adding a pretty wallpaper to the stair wall that faces the living room made a 
world of difference. It goes to show that these often overlooked spaces
really can add instead of detract from the overall decor of a room.
 Inches away from the bland and boring stair case,
 our living room is a pretty mix of blue, grey and white.
A sheer curtain helps to create a privacy shield.  
And as soon as the paper went up, I felt like why had I waited so long?
I selected a paper that had a Swedish Country look, and has my favorite colors. 
The paper is made by Wallpops.  NuWallpaper is the type that is peel and stick.
 It is self adhesive and can be repositioned, making it practically foolproof. 

 The Wallpops people sent me three rolls of the pattern I selected, Mirable Medallion.
A tool kit for cutting and smoothing, also from Wallpops, 
was one of the only tools I needed,
besides a level and a tape measure and a pair of scissors. 
Even though I have had experience putting up wallpaper, 
I can tell you that this is so much easier and no mess.
I got started right away, using my dining room table 
to roll out the paper and cut the first piece.
 Working left to right you must make sure your first strip is put on straight.
Make a pencil line on the wall using a level, so when you hang the first piece,
the right hand edge of the paper butts up to the pencil line.  Smooth it into position.
Then trim off the edges with the razor knife.  That is it. Super easy. Super fast.
After the first strip is in position, you can do the next strips by lining them 
up to the edge of the first strip, matching the pattern.
If you mismatch, just peel it away and try again. 
As many times as you need to...
This paper is great for people in apartments that aren't allowed to do things to their walls.
And its great for serial decorators like me, that like to change things more often than not.
Because when you are done, you simply peel it off, without damaging the walls.
Feature walls, backs of bookcases and hutches and stair risers are some other ideas that you
can tackle with NuWallpaper by Wallpops.  
My friend Cheryl used it for the interior of a china cabinet. 
 Isn't that a pretty idea?
This is a fast and fairly easy DIY project. 
I started after lunch on a rainy day, and finished the next morning.
(Its best to wallpaper in bright natural lighting so you can see if 
any air bubbles need to be smoothed out with the wide smoother thingy.)
I chose to do only the wall that faces the living room, and it took
a bit less than the three rolls.  I also liked that the repeat of the pattern 
in this paper was about 5" which means there was not much waste 
when matching the pattern.  
It has added so much appeal to our entry space.
The view from the living room shows how it has finished off the space.
Its all in the details, as they say!  
Note:  This is a sponsored post.
Wallpops provided the product, but all opinions are my own. 
I loved this paper so much, I am already looking around for another place
to freshen up with another pretty pattern from NuWallpaper. 
To view more beautiful wallpaper patterns visit here 
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  1. Love it! I would love to do mine but it goes up forever 20' maybe. I am pretty sure I wouldn't live to post the "after" photos!

    1. Yeah I wouldn't want to tackle that high of a wall either, but its great for regular walls and backs of cupboards or closet interiors. I am in love with how easy it was!

  2. It REALLY looks GREAT, Amy. There is just enough design and the color is soft enough that it is not overwhelming. I love how easy it seems to go up. xo Diana

    1. Thank you Diana, it adds just the right amount of interest, I agree!

  3. This is beautiful, Amy! Looks so pretty in your home. I would pick this one myself.

  4. It looks great and i love the design. It really adds to the LR. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Marlene, and thank you for stopping by!

  5. Hi! So timely, I have been mulling over wallpapers too. I like the peel n stick idea. Mind if I share on my blog?


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