Friday, December 8, 2017

A French Blue Christmas Tree

French Blue. 
French Blue, that pretty shade of medium blue that may have a touch of green....

Our living room tree this year is the slender Tree Classic Fir Kennedy Tree
 we had in our family room last year.  But we have had some changes in our space, 
like the addition of the portable baby crib I keep for granddaughter Reeve.
And an extra dog kennel in the family room for Piper. 
So no tree in the family room anymore, which is a bit sad.
I also couldn't shove the piano across the room and set up the big full tree in front of 
the window like we did last year, because there isn't enough room.
It was one of my most favorite trees ever. 
It had mostly pastel ornaments and it was simply breath taking.
It just looked wonderful and kind of grand next to the piano like that.
And when you drove up the street, you could see the tree out our front window,
sparkling away.  I love seeing trees in people's homes at night as I drive by.
This year I have added more lights outside, running with the tree lights we 
had strung for the wedding, and now there are even more.  Its so enchanting.
My favorite reading corner has its own little flocked tree on my french desk.
Its such an inviting spot.  You can create a little Christmas magic with a tiny
tree, if you aren't in the position to go all out with a big tree. This one was prestrung
with lights, and I bought it online from Hobby Lobby last year.
A tiny tree offers a big dose of cheer.
Bits of vintage looking trim with a bauble or two making
 anything cheery and fit for the holidays.
Decorating is more fun this year for some reason...
I think it has to do with a few things that include no longer having
to run off to open and work in my shop all day long.  And it might have
to do with being a grandmother to the most amazing and sweet baby ever.
I can't recall being more content.  Decorating is more fun when you are happy,
at  least I think so.  But maybe decorating can bring happiness, when
it comes to getting in the holiday spirit.
And this year I did a very special white snowy tree for little Reeve,
I call it my Snowy Sugar Plum Teacup Tree.
It is fun to name Christmas trees.  I haven't really before.
Looking forward to our first snow of the season tomorrow,
and tonight we will be setting up the big tree I used to have in this room
at my mother-in-law's house.  Whilst wearing our Christmas pajamas.
Tomorrow we can shovel all the snow.
Merry Christmas!

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  1. I am sitting here in my pajamas watching it snow again. It had stopped and changed to rain and now back to snow. It's magical, but soon it will be too dark to watch. Your tree is beautiful and your family is growing and changes have to take place with growth. Enjoy!

  2. Your home is lovely and so elegant. How are the dogs with the tree? Love that you did a small tree for Reeve!

  3. Oh my Amy....your tree is truly enchanting...the colors are so beautiful....Yes, Christmas this year will truly be magical...Grandchildren (and children) always make it that way. I can hear the joy in your "voice" this happy that you are able to experience that wonderful feeling. The tree is perfect there and I look forward to your Snowy Sugar Plum Tea Cup tree for Reeve...When my granddaughter was born, I started a tradition of creating a tree just for her...Now that she is a pre-teen soon to become a teenager..that went by the wayside...No more Elmo trees, or Tinkerbell trees...but there are other things that create happy and magic now! Have a Very Merry Weekend Amy!!!

  4. Beautiful decorating for Christmas thank you for sharing your home

  5. Thanks for sharing! I wasn't feeling very festive this year, but our 2.5 year-old granddaughter was coming for a visit, so up went the tree! Christmas PJ's at grandma's house sounds so sweet, doesn't it? Happy Christmas


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