Friday, December 1, 2017

Antique French Doorknobs and My Own Grey Gardens

Candy colored porcelain doorknobs from France.
Oh. My.
These beauties were spotted on an Instagram post by a woman who mostly sells
amazing antique garden furniture and ornaments.  She is also from 
Massachusetts, and I am constantly amazed at her incredible inventory.
I ooh and ahhh over the furniture, but when she posted these special hand painted
and gilded knobs, I knew I just had to have them!
Laurie of Plain and Elegant Antiques is someone to follow if you, like me, 
are into garden antiques.  I don't know where she finds the stuff. But I am glad she does.
Speaking of antiques, the famed Grey Gardens had an estate sale last weekend and
they sold off all of the furnishings, many of which were original to the time when 
Big and Little Edie Beale lived there.  You may recall when Matthew Mead and I 
took a side trip to visit the home and made a quick little video
 of our rainy day trip to the Hamptons. (Our video here)
Now that was one sale I would have LOVED to attend.
But since I am a bit busy these days with my grand daughter and the upcoming holidays,
I have had to settle for buying local furniture at yard sales that conjure up the Grey Gardens ambience,  I stumbled across the most amazing yard sale, by a woman who had some incredible stuff.
She was like a sister spirit to the Beales, in taste of furnishings before the years of decay set in.
A pair of wicker daybeds and a Bar Harbor style wicker sofa from this yard sale
were already in my husbands pick up truck.  I returned to her home later to pick up
more "stuff" as she inquired if I wanted to look at some more stuff in her cellar.
Heck yeah!! 
So what do French doorknobs have to do with old wicker lamps and couches?
Think summer....
and a tiny run down cottage on the shores of a New Hampshire lake.
Mr. Maison Decor and I stumbled upon a ramshackle cottage that just stole our hearts.
Its in terrible shape, but has quite a view.  And then I got this vision that the 
ramshackle cottage could be charming, even if rundown, 
if we just spruced it up with some white paint and wicker
and some floral bits here and there....
Our own little Grey Gardens.
With French doorknobs.  And perhaps a mouse or two...

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  1. Oh my how adorable and thank you for sharing

  2. Oh, how fun, Amy. Your own little shack to fix up. The wicker daybeds....oh my!

  3. How wonderful that you stumbled upon that amazing yard sale....My heart skipped a beat when I saw the wicker day beds...and you got a pair of them? How great is that? And I spy some other great things in the truck!! LOVE those door knobs!!! Love the direction you are going in for the Lake House....I want to drive by the Grey Gardens house next time we are up that way!! and oh my I would have loved to have gone to that sale too!

  4. You lost me at "mouse or two"!

  5. some thing I always wanted to do, so thrilled you re doing it while you are young. Look forward to see the little cottage/shack as you dream progresses. Your Grey Gardens


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