Sunday, December 10, 2017

Snowy Sugarplum Teacup Tree

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there; The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads....
 A sugarplum tree! 
A snowy sugarplum tree with tiny teacups!
 Come inside and let me share my vision and 
show off this magical and delightful snowy tree.
 Sugarplums and White Christmases go hand in hand of course. 
Don't you agree?
So when I got the chance to partner with the lovely 
Tree Classics, (The World's Best Artificial Christmas Tree Company)
I couldn't resist one of their snowy flocked trees and decided to put my 
own fairy tale spin on it, using my collection of pink and purple teacups.
Our french doors from the courtyard open into our dining room, and I thought it would
be wonderful to have a snow covered tree for a happy holiday greeting to our home.
Our dining room is decorated in neutral grey and white, and my collection of purple
transfer ware is hung on the walls and stacked in the cupboards.  So why not hang my teacups
on the tree, and then fluff it up even more with pink and purple ornaments.
This tree was a breeze to set up, and with the lights already wired on, all I had
to do was fluff out the branches a bit and start decorating.  There was very little white
flocking that came off the tree during the set up, and if you have ever tried to flock your
own tree, this is NOT like that at all.  No mess.  Just white wonderland goodness.
There is also a very clever foot pedal, so you just step on it 
with a tap and you can turn it on and off.  So convenient!
Our snowy  6.5' White Flocked Fir Deluxe Tree has the white lights.
When turned on, the tree gets a soft golden glow that plays up the pink tones.
Its just magical! 
A skein of lavender angora yarn made for a super skinny garland as was
some vintage looking purple metallic garland. 
More is more with a monochromatic tree scheme,
  so some white frosty garland was layered in for a sparkly accent.
Our dining room has touches of old European elegance, and so it made perfect
sense to add the Tree Classic Gold Sequin Skirt in a crumply rumply
 fashion around our sugar plum tree.  I opted for a smaller tree for 
the space, as you can see it is tucked into a corner.  It feels just right,
not to big, and not too small, at 6.5' in height.
Christmas Eve was a big deal in our family, with the five of us kids waiting to 
partake in a fancy dinner with mom and dad at the dining room table in our old English Tudor.
We all had to get dressed up and after dinner we presented our special "Kris Kringle" gifts
to one another.  My dad came up with the idea that on Thanksgiving we would pick names out of 
a hat for one another, and then get to work for the next month making something by hand.
Christmas Eve was the night you got to give your Kris Kringle to your recepient,
after dinner, and of course champagne was served~even to the children!
It was quite a special night, and often times my grandparents joined us around the table.
Our dining room had a grand fireplace and mahogany paneled walls, with stained glass windows and 
a big built in china cabinet for all of the dishes.  And there was even a bell ringer button on the floor under the table so you could call the servants in from the kitchen.  I told you it was a grand old house...but anyway I think now how perfect it would have been to have a second
tree in that room! Back in those days people didn't really do that kind of thing, second trees.
Unless you were a Rockefeller.  
Which we were not. 
So its a bit ironic to me that I get to have an extra tree in this home of ours now. 
It truly adds so much ambience, and I can't wait for Christmas Eve this year.
Christmas Eve is still the "big night" for us, yet we don't do the handmade gifts anymore.
 Old things have always had a special place in my heart.  Tales from 
days of yore, like the poem of "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
transport me back in time, and I love picturing it all in my mind.
My tabletop collections are often featuring old things used in unusual ways,
like putting antique French door knobs together with pink bottle brush trees.
Or a pink nantucket basket filled with roses and old shiny brites in 
pretty pastel colors.
 Flocked trees are so popular now as it brings to mind a snow covered
tree, a white Christmas and all the goodness that entails. 
Create the tree of your childhood dreams...
you will be glad you did!
I loved partnering with Tree Classics once again.
 I have had the pleasure of working with this wonderful company
 three years in a row, and created memorable and beautiful trees.

Sources for Tree Classics listed below:
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  1. Just gorgeous Amy. Love the plums and the teacups hung on the tree. Great idea. I'm still stuck on the bell on the floor to call the servants. What great memories! :)

    1. The house had wall to wall carpeting when my parents bought when they ripped it up, there was the servants bell on the floor in the middle of the room. Who knew?

  2. Amy, this tree -- and your home -- is so beautifully decorated for the season! I'm enjoying so many of the details, especially those teacups hanging on the tree and the antique French knobs with the bottle brush trees! Merry Christmas early!

  3. OMG that sugar plum tree is gorgeous. I love your style Amy and love when you share posts of your home. I adore that pink basket and your beautiful purple transferware. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  4. Amy, Amy, Amy.....the tree is amazing! Your wonderful design talent shows in the tree...beautiful and so creative! I loved reading about the memories of your family....We too were always together ... the entire family ... of 5 kids and our families at Thanksgiving .. my Dad's favorite holiday. We drew names for Christmas (for the adults) while having our dessert. I can't imagine how great that dining room of your parents was....A bell for the servants? How cool! Merry Christmas Amy....I know it is going to be a momentous one with your sweet granddaughter this year! xoxo's

    1. Thank you Shirley! I am looking forward to spending Christmas with Reeve! I bet you can't believe how fast your little one has grown.

  5. Amy, I love your taste level and the gorgeous vintage bits that make your home so special! The doorknobs are such a great idea. The sugarplum tree is just gorgeous and the color is stunning with the white! As a teacup collector, I always love a teacup tree too!! Wonderful!

    1. Thank you Lory, I remember your teacup tree last year when we did the Tree Classics together! It was so whimsical, and I think that is what makes it so fun.

  6. Amy I loved reading your post this morning. Seeing your lovely home and reading about your childhood Christmas made me feel nostalgic and longing for the past. Your teacup tree is sooooo pretty!

    Have a very Merry Christmas.


    1. Hi Sissie! Thank you for stopping by, I always love seeing your thoughtful comments. Merry Christmas my friend!

  7. Beautiful! I, too, enjoy reading about your family Christmases.

  8. Gorgeous I love your home and thank you for sharing and welcoming us in

  9. Stunning Amy, I'm always amazed with your collections. Your dining room is a fairytale


  10. Beautiful Amy, such wonderful memories you shared! I love your tree and the decorations in such pretty colors!

  11. so beautiful Amy. I love hearing about your childhood traditions for Christmas Eve. That's always been when we celebrate and exchange gifts. The lavender transferware cups are perfect for that gorgeous tree!


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