Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Easter family fun and my Estate Sale begins

 In just one week Spring has officially sprung.
The cherry tree in the front yard that hubs and I planted when we moved
in to this house 12 years ago is in full bloom and so beautiful!
 Tulips are popping up and the trees are just beginning to leaf 
out to provide privacy in our back and side yards.
Last Sunday we had all the "kids" over for Easter dinner and a new tradition that
we started two years ago:  The big kid Easter egg hunt!  It is a money hunt, where
the plastic eggs are filled with mostly one dollar bills, a couple of fives, tens and twenties.
However there is one golden egg, and that holds the grand prize of a hundred dollar bill!
This year Reeve's mom, Madison, won the grand prize!
The "kids" have to search our back yard carrying baskets of course, to find the eggs.
It is so much fun for me and Mr. Maison Decor to watch them scurrying around, and 
 Reeve watched along with us, quite confused about what was happening.
Next was Reeve's egg hunt, with eggs scattered in plain
site across my mother in laws green flat lawn (she lives next doors).
I filled her eggs with raisins and Teddy Grahams.
Reeve wasn't quite sure what this was about either, which
explains the perplexed facial expression. She had all of us following
behind her filming her, so it was much like a paparazzi moment, as her
mom and I coaxed her to pick up the eggs.
Building our family traditions continues, and I can't say enough
of how much I love doing things like this together as a family.
 She is the first of my grandchildren and I hope one day I will 
have many many more!
 There was egg dying too, which she thoroughly enjoyed.
Our menu included a ham and roast chicken along with all the trimmings and
topped off with one big decadent coconut cake!! OMG, so delicious.
I didn't gain one pound either, and I have to say I am quite pleased about that!
I only wish I had taken pictures of the dinner and all of us eating, but I forgot
all about it after starting to set up the table for a buffet style meal as we had a crew.
In other news around here, I have decided to start selling off some of my collections of vintage and antique belongings that I have gathered up over the years.  Two weeks ago I made an announcement that I would start to sell off things on Instagram. (I figure I have about a good year before we get serious about moving to the lake house we hope to build one day. ) I sold this big set of purple transfer ware to one of my Instagram followers, and she was thrilled to begin her collection in a BIG way!! I still have purple transfer ware (many have been asking) but I have amassed a collection to big to use at the lake house when we move.
 Next, two of my friends from bogland and Instagram drove all the way from North Carolina and 
New Jersey to shop my house!  Shirley, from Houspitality Designs, and Mary Alice, from Rare Corners, arrived at 5 pm and shopped for three hours!  It was a fun and memorable time, and both gals took home some of my treasures. ( I will plan on having a courtyard estate sale in May or June for local peeps who may be interested.  Please leave me your email address in comments or email me and I can notify you if you want to attend.)
 The next morning  Shirley and Mary Alice loaded their van and hit the road, 
carrying with them my gustavian bench, my Swedish chair, 
and a bunch of other things including some purple transferware!!
Hubs and I posed for a portrait the night before, with Piper and Sylvia in the courtyard.  
The corbels also ended up finding a new home from another follower of mine on Instagram, 
as well as the pink door seen behind Mr. Maison Decor.  This is just the beginning of my sell off,
and if you want to see more of when I will be selling follow me on Instagram @amymaisondecor
and you can purchase things that I can ship in the continental US.  

PS. A lot of folks will open an Instagram account to follow designers or people who inspire them, and they don't post their own pics, so if you want to open an account, and you don't want to post photos, you can certainly do that. 

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  1. Although a whirlwind was an amazing trip that Mary Alice and I will never forget...we had a fabulous time with you and Mr. Maison Decor. You two are the most gracious hosts....We are truly enjoying our treasures!...Looks like you had a most wonderful time with your family and Reeve looks so adorable in her beautiful dress that was so thoughtfully gifted to her. Have fun with the Estate sale!


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