Friday, April 5, 2019

Grand Easter Basket Centerpiece

My fancy Easter Basket!
Set inside a silver pedestal punch bowl I bought last year at Brimfield,
I added various spring faux flowers, shredded easter grass and painted eggs.
I have had this twig style basket for several years now.
  I set it inside the punchbowl and then stuffed shredded paper
easter grass around the gap between the basket and the punchbowl.
They make this paper Easter grass in all kinds of colors so you can 
coordinate it with your home color palette. I used purple and green.
 Then I filled it with lots of different kinds of faux flowers I had 
in my storage bin. The more I added, the better it looked.  Fake lilac
sprigs, peonies, roses, ferns and berries on sticks.  
A garland of florals was draped around the mirror above to create a 
bigger statement featuring the basket.
 The effect was a whimsical woodland Easter.
 You could add little sheep or bunnies to the basket or the table top,
more eggs....more more more!!!
 On the table I made another vignette with a vintage centerpiece bowl. 
Filled with dried rose heads (that I have been collecting for the past several months)
I added pink blown eggs I made last year for another Easter craft project.
The eggs and roses make an easy and elegant centerpiece, with vintage style.
Mix your regular Easter decorations
with faux flowers, vines and eggs of all kinds.
using unusual containers in your cupboards. 
Its easy and fun, and best of all, it costs almost nothing to make!


  1. The delicate pastels entwined amongst the silver, crystals and mirror is Really Lovely and compliment each other to Perfection!

  2. Amy oh my goodness I absolutely love this display you created for Easter! You always inspire me and your talents are endless! Your photos are gorgeous too!


    1. Thank you my friend! You are finally on my blog roll so I will be sure not to miss one post of your beautiful and original style of decorating that I admire so much. xo

  3. What a stunning Easter basket!! Love the idea of using the silver bowl!! You are an inspiration, Amy. Have a good weekend.

  4. Amy loving the eggs with the Rose's. Elegant with whimsical perfection

    Enjoy your weekend


  5. I'm loving the more, more, more! Really pretty.

  6. I'm loving the more, more, more. Really beautiful!

  7. Lovely and so pretty.

  8. So beautiful! You are very inspiring. Hugs and greetings from Poland, Anita.

  9. It’s such an elegant “Easter Basket” arrangement Amy!!! Eggs and Roses? Can’t get any prettier!! Always love your beautiful creations!!


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