Friday, April 12, 2019

My dollhouse feature on The Enchanted Home and Weight loss update

Happy Friday everyone!
I am thrilled to be featured on a new series, The Style File,  at my friend Tina's incredible blog
The Enchanted Home!  She asks me some interesting questions about this dollhouse hobby
that I have been working on and you might be surprised to read what celebrity inspired me to begin
working in miniatures.  Lots of dollhouse pics that I have not posted on my blog here, so 
make sure you run over and check it out!
Also a quick update on my low carb weight loss journey. 
I am happy to report I am at 19 pound weight loss at this point, and I have 
integrated more carbs back into my diet.  Overall I just eliminate the white
stuff, potatoes, rice, pasta and bread, with the exception of the Fantini scali 
bread which I have mentioned before.  The white wine is also back, but on weekends
only or if out to dinner.  So if you think you can't eliminate certain things forever,
you don't have to....just do the hard work for several months and then you 
will be in the position to allow yourself some of the things you love.
This picture of me and Matthew Mead was taken two weeks ago when we
met at my lake cabin to check on it and to help Matthew pick up some of his 
photo shoot props.  Its still very wintery up at the lake in New Hampshire,
and it was actually kind of depressing going inside the cabin.  I will post
more about our intentions of rebuilding there and where we are in the process.
Anyway, this was the only pic I could find that shows my body so you can see I am 
looking more "trim" as my dad likes to say!  I have had many readers
share their own weight loss success stories, and it makes me so happy to 
have inspired them in anyway.  I know how much happier I feel every day going
into my closet to not fret over what will fit or what will not.  What will make me
look thinner, and what is not flattering.  So its a diet that has worked for me,
and I hear its working for many of you as well!!  Bravo!!


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