Friday, August 2, 2019

A Quick Tip!

This is a quick tip for my blog subscribers! 
That would be YOU
if you get my Maison Decor blog in your email box.
When it arrives and you open your email, it looks like this:

Now take one second before you read the blog story and click 
on the title.  I put a little arrow where to click on to show you above.

Magically you will get to see my blog story in the framework of the entire blog!
Why do this?  
Because you get to see the stories on the side of the blog story, called 'the sidebar". 
Things I put on the sidebar are popular links to posts you may have missed or want to reference again. Easy Reupholstering, my home feature in Country Home Magazine, a link to view all the decorating videos I have made with Matthew Mead, the "Topics" section where you can click on any "topic" to visit all the stories I have written about that particular topic, like "French Country", "dollhouse", Cottage Style,  Christmas Decor, etc.

And if you are not a subscriber, you will also find the sign up email box on the sidebar,
in addition to the BEST FEATURE of all: the "search this blog box" 
which lets you search all the years of my blog post stories 
if you are looking to read something of particular interest to YOU!

You will also see the top portion of my blog which includes a link to touring my home with pictures of all of the rooms. So be sure to click on the title of the blog story when it comes in your email box.
The sidebar also has a Blogroll featuring other blogs that I love to read and its handy to jump over
to my favorite blogs to read more stories about decorating and other lifestyle interests.
Overall it is simply a prettier way to experience Maison Decor, with the artwork that frames the posts
and extra goodies for you, my dear reader. 

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