Thursday, August 1, 2019

Romantic Medicine Cabinet Makeover and favorite Self Tanner

                                   Our master bathroom has an antique French style. 
Created by adjusting things such as the colors of the cabinets and doors, 
adding appliqués and gilding to the closet doors, using vintage  
 hooked rugs and old style chandeliers which I painted gold and enhanced with 
aqua crystals and lastly replacing the laminate counters with marble.
This pretty photo (above) was from the Romantic Country photo shoot
 with Fifi O'Neil two years ago.
Fifi loves to add more, more, more to a space!
She hung jewelry from my towel rack and set pretty towels 
in the wire wall mounted shelf rack. 
 In reality many of my daily toiletries sat on the counter.
As in real life, things are often pretty.
It was actually very cluttered and messy looking.  
But now it looks like this!
 I found an old glass door wall cabinet
created a vintage version of a medicine cabinet to store things.
Of course the cabinet was anything but pretty when I found it.
 I envisioned it in romantic gold and aqua. 
Our bathroom has gold accents which give it a rich old European look.
  I'm back in the swing of rehabbing things with the most beautiful new paint!
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Jolie Paint is made in the USA and is zero VOC. Yes!
  The colors are absolutely gorgeous!

The wall cabinet was painted in Bliss
 (a green/blue shown top of left column in the Jolie color card).

 I highlighted it with their gold metal leaf and gold gilding wax 
to return it to it's Florentine glory.  Using metal leaf is so simple!  
Jolie has a step by step guide which is flawless, even for a beginner. 
 It made all the difference in my project.
Simply paint a liquid adhesive called "Gold Size" on the 
areas you want to be covered in the gold metal leaf.  
After a few minutes rub sections of the whisper thin sheets of
metal leaf over the adhesive.
Use a stiff but soft brush to remove the excess bits of leaf to reveal the 
highlighted gold leafed areas. 
 It is so amazingly simple!! And soooo glorious looking!
I sanded down the cabinet lightly to soften the feel and give it 
a bit of an aged and distressed effect.
The cabinet had decorative trellis like grooves at the top pediment 
which I highlighted with a tiny artist brush using the Jolie Gold Gilding Wax. 
(One could also have applied the Gold Size in these grooves,
 followed by the metal leaf, but I decided to use
the gilding wax and was happy with the finished look. ) 
Summer Palace by Laura Ashley wallpaper was next,
applied with some tacky spray adhesive on the back wall.
 When the glass doors are closed, it looks extra pretty!
This project only took me two hours to complete.
The Jolie paint and gold leaf adhesive dry so quickly!
 And that self tanner I recently discovered?  
Sublime Bronze by L'Oreal  
These days I never suntan, and haven't for years to keep
skin damage and wrinkles at bay.  However I still have to put on a bathing
suit when we go to the lake cottage, and this stuff is really a miracle of sorts.
 One application is enough to banish the white pasty skin look, 
and two applications have you looking like you just returned 
from two weeks in Monte Carlo and the French Riviera!  
I love how the new "medicine" cabinet looks and functions.
Take a second look around your bathroom and see what simple changes you 
can make to give it a romantic European look.  Changing out the very things
that are already there can be simple using Jolie Paint and Metal Leaf.
Leave me a note if you have tried it, or are planning to.
 I would love to hear about your project!

My blog readers will get 20% off of orders over $200 using this link below.

You will LOVE their paints and enhancements for making over
your furniture and home accessories and creating something beautiful!


  1. Thanks for the discount. Okay you may have sold me on trying gold leaf again, maybe.

    Your bathroom is magical and love the chandeliers you used.

    Always an inspiration.


  2. Well done - your new wall cabinet is amazing. I just adore your pretty bathroom!

  3. Oh...that little cabinet is soooo cute! Love how you painted it. I just looked up the paint you are referring to. I have a piece of furniture that needs painting. Might try that brand.


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