Thursday, August 8, 2019

Fancy Pink Nursery for my French Dollhouse

 A beautiful French crib for the nursery in the dollhouse arrived.
One can make things, buy things and also rehab things for their dollhouse, and 
I do a combination of those things.  This crib is from the Bespaq miniature furniture 
company and they make very fine furniture and some is quite grand.
I wanted a royal and fancy feminine crib and so
 I hunted on eBay and Etsy until I found this sweet crib! 
I added the gingham bedskirt, which coordinates with the pink
gingham rug I made out of fabric on my ink jet printer. 
And baby got her own fireplace as well, which is really pretty,
but apparently I didn't take a good photo of it. Next time!
 Take a look at what I started with in this third floor space.
The aged walls were there, and next I painted the ceiling pink to go with
the pink bathroom, which is through the door in the next room.  I made 
the floral chest out of an unfinished wood bombe chest I already had.
Essentially its cutting out a paper print of a flower pattern that I found online.
First I painted the chest in a pink color close to the paper, then I used 
mod podge in matte finish to affix it to the wooden chest. 
The floors were covered in a paper print made to look like white painted wood planks.
The gingham rug layered on top of that, with the pretty crib sitting on the rug.
It all looked so cute together and I was quite pleased!  
 The walls were already made to look old. 
 I stamped a rose pattern in pink over the 
antiqued plaster walls to give it a faded hand painted look.
A cute little box with a vintage baby was a
 printable dollhouse accessory that I made. 
 Its the most darling room in my Petite Maison!
There will be more accessories to add to the nursery.
 I even have a fancy highchair, but that may go in the kitchen....
I hope you enjoyed seeing the latest addition to my French dollhouse.


  1. Amy,

    You always amaze me!! You are a true artist in every sense of word!!!������ I love your dollhouse and this nursery is magical! I have a dollhouse and when I decide to finally start fixing it up, I will be looking to you for all of my inspiration!


  2.'s all so sweet! I love miniatures myself. I had computer problems for the last two weeks and my computer was in the shop but it's up and running now! Thank goodness.

  3. I am so in love with your dollhouse, Amy! I wish I could shrink down and live in there...however,with my luck a cat would come along, bat me out and play with me until I quit moving. lol
    Have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

  4. You know I love this and it's fit for a princess. You really are talented. Another fantastic project


  5. It's utterly Feminine and totally Sweet!

  6. This has to be the sweetest dollhouse I've seen in forever!! What detail and I love the French flair. I know that buying one of those pieces, ie, the chair, can cost as much as an adult size one. Being inventive is key to not going broke when decorating a dollhouse!! Just beautiful.

  7. Such a beautiful and feminine room, Amy! I love the way you've decoupaged the dresser and embellished the wallpaper. The crown moldings on a mansard ceiling can be a challenge, but yours look really nice!

  8. Wow.. love it Amy, makes me want to go out and make one for myself lol!

  9. So totally gorgeous Amy! Janet from sent me over and I'm so happy to have found your blog as well as your IG account. You have a fabulous eye and talent! Thanks for keeping the fun in elegant decorating!


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