Monday, September 23, 2019

Pumpkin Punchbowl Centerpiece

 The first day of fall has arrived in New England, and so we say goodbye to our short lovely summer.
 The nights have been cooler and the days have been pleasant, but these nice fall days are
fleeting as well, and winter weather will be next.  But until then, lets dive into decorating for
fall.  I am not a big fan of too much fall decor around the house, but one thing I do
love are the pretty fabric pumpkins that are everywhere!  Over the last several years
I have either purchased them or made my own using all kinds of materials.
 For a nice and easy centerpiece I assembled them all in my silver punch bowl that I found at the Brimfield Antique Fair.  This punchbowl has been so much fun to use for centerpieces for the various
holidays.  Everything looks good in it!  This year I picked up some pink velvet pumpkins and a tiny blue floral pumpkin, both from contacts I have online on Facebook and Instagram.  My blogging and Instagram friend, Larissa Jenkins, has a cute Etsy shop and she sold her pink velvet pumpkins there.  Her blog, Welch House 1900, is on my sidebar if you want to visit her incredible old house 
and see the masterful decorating in the style of  Glamorous French Vintage style.  
The blue pumpkin I noticed on a Facebook post was being sold by the beautiful shop called Vignettes in San Diego.  I reached out and left a note that I wanted it...the shop owner quickly contacted me with her phone number and the next thing you know, 
here it is in my punch bowl like the cherry on top of a sundae! 
This was last year's thanksgiving centerpiece using many of the pumpkins I made myself,
and some velvet pumpkins I found at Homegoods. 
 We are having a party for my mother in law to celebrate her 90th birthday,
so I made a grand buffet tablecloth for our dining room out of a pale grey and cream toile.
The centerpiece looked really nice on the cloth, and I plan to use some of my vintage silver
trays for the party to give it that fancy vintage look I love.
Making my own pumpkins is a lot of fun, as I get to use leftover home decor fabrics or
I upcycle velvets from old clothing like jogging suits and fashion them into cute pumpkins.
Enjoy the links below for either making your own or visiting independent shops and blogs
that I find very inspiring! 


  1. The Style Quotient of your velvet pumpkins in the silver punch bowl, is off the charts!

  2. The punch bowl looks wonderful filled with your fabric pumpkin collection. I have not done a spec of Fall decorating. It's still hot here. Usually it starts to cool about now. I know it will cool soon. October is usually very nice and November too. I've been running around a lot not much time for projects or decorating, unfortunately. I've wanted to make velvet pumpkins for ages but just have not done it. I almost bought a fall pillow the other day for the living room and stopped myself cause I just don't have a place to store more stuff. I'm like you my colors don't really say fall. They are good all the other times of year though.


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