Monday, July 6, 2020

Blue Transferware, Reeve Turns Three and the Lake House

 Summer has arrived and with it comes some decorating changes.
This time as I decorate I am imagining the decor in the lake house
 we will build later this summer in New Hampshire.
Blue and white has been creeping into my palette.
It began with this blue and white checked gingham fabric on the Swedish day bed. 
Next came a few pieces of blue and white transfer ware,
including this unusual large pedestal bowl!
Powdery pale blue and white is my preference, and I have been lucky to find
some beautiful platters and bowls. The trio of botanicals framed in a country check
had been sitting in an antique shop for two years.  I've noticed them with every visit
but didn't grab them until I figured out that blue and white would be part of the lake house look.
For now I have hung them in our kitchen where I plan to hang the platters on the wall.
Custom framed for someone else a few decades ago, they will be enjoyed 
by us in our new home.  Shopping for vintage finds always makes it fun,
as you never know what awaits you on the hunt.
 My granddaughter Reeve turned three at the end of June.
She lives in Maine now on a farm, and is having an idyllic childhood.
 She helps her daddy with fixing up the house with her own tool belt...

And of course there are farm chores.  
One job is to drive her tractor to pick up vegetables gone by
for the compost heap. Look at that head of lettuce!!
 We miss her very much, with the imposed isolation that Covid19
brought to our lives and loves.  But hopefully we will have extended
visits soon, because she is going to be a big sister this month
and we are excited to meet him and share in the joy that grandchildren bring.
I stitched up some big floor pillows for her bedroom out of the cutest sheets
sold at The Company Store.  Princesses in every color standing in front of castles
and riding in fairytale coaches!
 Oh and how about these covered dishes? 
They are large, and I found out they are excellent for using in the 
courtyard at cookouts to keep the flies at bay.
I have three of these now, and they are fantastic!!
We have had a few small gatherings outdoors, and my system is that I use
a table set up next to the grill where I put all the plates and flatware, along
with the various (covered) dishes that have the food, and then grill the main
course.  Then I plate and serve my guests, all the while maintaining sanitizing.
Its been easy to keep social distances and enjoy each others company.
And those covered transferware tureens are awesome for holding the food.
 And one more darling blue and white addition, is this needlepoint pillow 
with the blue and white striped background, done in roses and a cute lab!  
I couldn't resist!

Its been a quiet summer so far,
but I am hoping to report on ground breaking for the lake house soon.
The well has been dug and installed and the final house plans are getting printed.
Next up will be the demolition and site work!
I promise to keep you posted~


  1. Absolutely love everything, particularly the covered dishes, pillow,framed vintage art work, the dog, Reeve...I guess everything!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Penny, hope you are enjoying your summer!

  3. Loving all your blue an white touches. Some lucky person may buy all your purple pieces.

    Exciting to have a brother for Reeve. The lettuce was bigger than her head. She looks like country life is great for her.

    Can't wait to see the lake house begin.


  4. That is so fresh and lovely looking!

  5. It's always a treat to see what you're up to Amy! Thank you for sharing.


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