Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Dramatic Bedroom Mural

Our guest bedroom got a new look with a photo mural.  
We updated the room because our son's best friend, Kai,
 is coming to live with us while they start their college freshman year
together at our home, because of the Coronavirus situation. 
 The boys will be taking over the second floor of the house, 
which will serve as their college dorm!
I wanted the room to have a completely new look for the guys.
These murals are actually photos that are blown up and made into wallpaper strips
 to fit the exact dimension of the wall you want to cover.  I was excited to
collaborate with this Swedish company, PhotoWall, and selected a rustic brick
arch wall called "Arch Ruin" as the backdrop for our guest room
 from the thousands of images they stock. 
Look for my 25% discount code at the end
of this blog post for your own order from Photowall!
The wallpaper mural comes with a package of powdered wallpaper paste. 
Mixed up with a gallon of water in a bucket, it was ready to use in  5 minutes.
  I also ordered the $18 wallpaper tool kit so that I would be all set 
when it was time to rock and roll. 
I have hung a ton of wallpaper in my life yet this set up from PhotoWall is a little bit 
different than anything I had seen before.  The roll of wallpaper is continuous, yet has 
each strip numbered, and you cut it with scissors when you are moving on to the next strip.
Simply cut along the dotted line....
You apply the paste on the wall where the strip will go first, 
so I measured out 18" and made a small pencil mark to give 
me a rough guideline for the paste.
                     Apply the paste with the brush to the section of wall next to the strip you just hung.
                        The paste has some globs in it but they brush right out with the wallpaper brush.
This wallpaper was the easiest paper I had ever hung, 
and I was finished with the wall in just two hours. 
Now it was time to style the room....
First I decided to put the bed on the angle so
we could take in the dramatic backdrop of the wall mural.
But you remember what it use to look like?
When last used this room it had the dollhouse  as well as the pastoral murals
I had painted on the walls giving the room a feminine romantic artistic effect.
It was very pretty, but wouldn't work for a college guy.
So, before I began my wallpapering I painted 
 over the lilac stripe at the top of the room as well as the murals so 
they wouldn't show any trace of pattern through the wallpaper mural.
And two hours later I had a whole new wall of brick!!!
Everyone loves the new look! 
I was able to reuse many of the things we already had in our home, 
including lamps with burlap shades, some Ralph Lauren beige linen pillow covers
my modern office desk chair, and the grey and white checked curtains from Ballards.
Piper gives it a thumbs up too!
Use  Photowall if you want to create a dramatic new look with ease.
All my readers can get 25% off any order of Photowall products
 until the end of August 2020 by using the promo code
amymaisondecor25 for your discount. 
With everyone at home more than ever now because of the coronavirus,
this is an awesome way to improve everyday spaces in your home.
I am already planning my next mural!


  1. Amazing! Thanks for sharing your expertise and transformation!

  2. This looks beautiful! You are so kind to let that young man live with you during this time. Thanks for sharing the new room.

  3. It looks really wonderful!
    Such a fantastic idea.

  4. That is so cool! I was intrigued by the photo in my email but to read that it is a printed photograph just blew me away. It looks wonderful!

  5. Love that the wall is so realistic. Your room is perfect for the young men!


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