Friday, July 24, 2020

A Castle Room and Princess Dress for Reeve's Magical Sleepover

A magical reunion with Reeve

It had been five months since my granddaughter Reeve had been to our house
 and she finally was coming back for a two night sleepover!
She always stayed in the guest room, but I had just 
put up a stone arch wall mural and I feared she would miss her old room.
I had the idea to turn the room for her into a castle room, and she would be the princess.
             It was an easy switch to just add princess type details to the bed and the room and voila!
                                               A castle room was waiting for its princess.
                            Next I searched online and found one of my favorite dresses from the 
                           Disney princess movies, Frozen's Princess Anna's coronation dress.  
            It's Scandinavian charm is so much more lovely to me than the icy blue gown that Elsa wears.
                         Sharing a screenshot of the listing on Amazon, 
where they had lots of princess dresses to choose from.
        The quality was amazing and the day Reeve arrived, so too did the package holding her dress.
                                It was time to go upstairs and show her the "Castle Room"!
                         The first thing she did was climb up into the bed with the little princess sheets.
                                I had made big pillows out of The Company Store clearance section.
                   The stone arch paper from Photowall was the perfect backdrop for a Princess bedroom.
                   Then it was off to rediscover all the things she remembered about her Grammy's house.
                                                 Like her Grammy's French Dollhouse....
The view to the city out of the window....
She wore it the entire day and even took her nap in it.
She even went next doors to show Grammy Claire, my MIL how
beautiful her new dress was!
It made a long awaited visit to her Grammy and Grampy's house
a magical experience that we will always remember.
We even had a princess photo shoot.
This coronavirus had made us miss our little one, and I know many
of you are missing your grandchildren too.  Making our reunion a
little more magical was so easy with this $20 dress and the idea that 
she had a princess room in a castle! 
We had such fun dressing up together!!

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  1. Oh what memories she will have of this! I know I still have very special memories of visits to my grandmother’s house near Chicago. It seemed so magical so different than our country home. You two have many special moments to look forward to.

    1. Aww that is so sweet to hear of your own memories with your grandmother. I had a special grammy that I lost at age 6, and I still remember the love she had for me.

  2. How completely Adorable....Child and room! What a great idea and I'll bet it was so much fun! God Bless and stay safe. :) Love it

  3. How lovely! I'll just bet she has a wonderful memory of this day! I introduced my granddaughter to paper dolls last weekend and she enjoyed them! I was beyond thrilled.

  4. Strange times call for creativity, and you were the best, you made this unique moment on the planet a party for Reeve, and for you too of course .... That you have many moments together, full of love, adventures and laughter.

  5. Such a precious experience for you all. I can't wait until my granddaughter wants to play dress up.


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