Friday, August 10, 2012

Silver and grey for a gold candelabra lamp

 Yesterday my picker  brought me the identical bedroom
set that I just painted for my client Suzanne.
 Its amazing to me that I was lucky enough to find my own set~
so Suzanne will take her pretty painted set home and
 I will either sell this as is, 
or after a while I will paint it however I please.
This set was done in a mahogany finish with a
 small amount of gilded details,
whereas the other set was more of a maple finish in color.
 And see that candelabra on the table to the right? 
That was Suzanne's grandmothers as well
and she wanted me to do something to it so it fits her style better~
 One more look at the new set~ladies dresser with shell mirror
 And the gents bureau~
 With my Maison Decor tag attached. I put an
 item description and price on the back.
 Back to the candelabra....there is sits in all its gilded glory. 
A well made piece to be sure and certainly right in its current state.
However its going into a space with taupes and greys...
 I drybrushed several layers on the fixture starting
 with a 50/50 mix of French Linen and Old White. 
 Then I added straight Old White and finally finished
 it with the Silver Leaf gilding wax from France that I am crazy about!
( find it here )
 I love how it looks!! I painted the candle holders in Old White too.
 You can see the little pot of silver right next to it....
 Before I painted the candelabra lamp I 
worked on finishing the Cream and Old White Mora
and continued work on the Louis Blue Mora...
Moras are all over the shop!
 Aren't they cute together? 
The blue one needs to get its Old White trim painted....
 I mixed up some Old White with Louis Blue and 
used that on the body finish as a layering tool...
 Now Louis Blue waits patiently to be waxed~
While Miss Cream Mora gets to go to her new home!
 The end....of a very busy workweek...oh wait, its only Friday!!
 And guess what? 
I signed my lease for Boston and got the keys!!



  1. Ooooooo! The candleabra looks a thousand, million, billion times more beautiful now, it's stunning! Looks like there's alot of action over there at your shop, and a boatload of beautiful things! Congratulations on getting the key to the new shop, there is some crazy wonderful stuff going on in your life right now, that's for sure!


  2. that candleholder is so beautiful. You truly have a gift.

  3. Wow, you really know your stuff. That's fabulous, what you did to the candelabra. I like it a lot better with it's new dressing!

  4. I have a question about the wax you use with the chalk paint. My kitchen cabinets are a fairly light finish with darker glaze in the detail moldings, however I would like to make them darker. Do you think I could use the wax over the cabinets to darken the overall color as well as the details? Thanks for your help.

  5. Oh that candelabra is gorgeous! Really like the new color on it. Have you been to Cindy's blog lately?

  6. Haha, you must have thought you were going to have some room for a little while and in walks that new bedroom set! : ) You might wind up with someone buying it as well as a custom paint job, Amy. Love how the chandy lamp turned out. Do you even get a minute to sit down? You are constantly on the go!

  7. Amy everything is just gorgeous! I love seeing all the beauty come to life in your beautiful store!

  8. fantastic all around...the bedroom set, love your tags, the candleabra and the keys!!! wahooli momma, you're on a roll.

  9. Well painted or not, that dresser is beautiful!...Congrats on the signing of the new Boston location!...May you have as much, if not more, success in Boston....Hey are a chain!!!....So very happy for you!!

  10. You just keep getting better and better at your painting, Amy! Beautiful beautiful beautiful!! And congrats on your new lease!! You go, girl!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. Congratulations on the new lease in Boston!! The candle holder came out beautiful, I love the technique you used!

  12. I love how the chandy came out, and am so happy for you about the Boston store. I'll be visiting you!!

  13. I love what you did to the candelabra. You made it look very Tuscany with a modern twist. Keep us posted with more of your furniture updates.


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