Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Progression of Boston

 The raw space that I have been working with Colin and Justin~
making it into our little rustic French shop.
 We painted the end wall using Chalk Paint™ in a few different colors~
then started on the kitchen cabs.
Justin thought they should be Graphite and I agreed~
they would look great with the stencil on the sink skirt.
iphone pic quality~anyhow the black is very cool in here,
we put two Hitchcock chairs up on the display shelf~

 Hung up some of the sheer drapery panels...

Then I had to get back to running Maison Decor Malden,
and so Justin has been going in to Boston and setting up displays
while Colin runs in the loads...and it has been so wonderful to see him
come up with beautiful wall and table displays.
His creative talent is really blowing my mind....
wait til you see what he propsed today!
So keep reading...
Looking from the back to the front of the store at our first moments inside.
The big double doors and the window display area~
Justin decided to paint the double doors with 
traditional chalkboard paint by Rustoleum!
He painted all the green metal utility lights Graphite Chalk Paint
and then added King Gold gilding wax to them~
I still haven't seen it in person,
so I am just like YOU, watching it on my monitor and 
it is very exciting to see him create a space like this for us!

And on the doors he used our new Marker Ink pens and free handed 
this French script font he looked up on his iPhone!
Added a fleur de lis, and then the neat line with the french word for paint
How cool is that? So cool, said momma bear....
I ordered these on Amazon...I don't think they are in any local stores yet.
They are so neat and cool to write with on the board~
so crisp and sharp!
And on the other side of the double doors is Florence with gilding wax!
We just love how these doors came out!
The front looked like this two weeks ago....
To this~
Justin painted the beadboard under the window today~
it leads the eye up to the doors.
We have plenty left to do outside, but for now Florence
will guide our customers to us on Saturday!
so Good night Maison Decor Boston~until tomorrow....



  1. The creative apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;) You have a hit on your hands already!! All the best to you and your boys.

  2. Oh wow Boston looks amazing!!! the guys are doing such a great job,you must be so proud of them Amy....the lights look brilliant painted and gilded xxx

  3. Amy,
    You amaze and inspire me! Your shop is looking beautiful!

  4. I'd say your "baby bears" are doing a super job! Don't you love seeing the ideas the guys come up with? love the vibe of the Boston store!

  5. The Boston store is looking incredible! So much talent in one family!

  6. I think both your boys got your creative gene, Amy! The store is looking great and you all really got it put together quick. Good luck and much success on Saturday!

  7. You have two amazing boys Amy! Your Boston shop looks FABULOUS!!

  8. Looks amazing Love it all and you know you need to be selling those chalk pens in the shop hinthinthint.....

  9. I KNEW IT!!!! The Boston store is my favorite! I love the touch of industrial elements in there. the black painted barn lights, the brick wall, the AMAZING painted wall that you did in grey. I just get giddy with a mix of french stuff and industrial. Don't know why, but I do. Your son did a fantastic job free handing your company name. Artists must run in your family!

  10. He free handed that!!!? Do you know how hard that is to do! I love all his ideas! Oh my gosh... that's your son coming up with all those cool things! I know you are just tickled to death. I'm so in love with your little frenchy gray distressed check out counter, don't sell that! Everything looks freakin amazing...


  11. Looking great and it is soooooo neat to see how artistic and creative Justin is....hmmm now wherever did he get that from?
    His free hand is amazing!


  12. I think your son might have a new business idea..hes good!!! Love the doors, the store, love how this has become a family business and love seeing all of your smiling faces working together....its a beautiful thing, wishing you much success!!

  13. Freehand?..Team Colin and Justin have certainly done an amazing are so fortunate to have such a talented team you can always count on!! The Boston store looks fantastic!!...i can just imagine the people lining up to see your store on Saturday...Good luck Amy...your labors of love are truly evident!

  14. Sigh! I'm living vicariously through you! Your new shop will no doubt be a huge success.

    (Just a note: the word "peindre" is the verb, as in "to paint". If you wanted the noun "paint" rather than the verb, it would be "peinture". That said, I like the word "peindre", because it suggests the action.)

  15. wow, that is seriously amazing!!!

    Jan @ door251

  16. I `m so happy for you ¡¡¡ all the best in the new store ¡¡¡ kiss for you ..Susana.

  17. Love the look of your new shop. Your sons amaze me. Love the lettering.

  18. I'm really loving how this store is coming together. Did you know that Justin was so talented? Freehand sign painting...that is something. You can put him to work making lots of old vintage looking signs. I love that grey wall and the black cabinets. What part of Boston is this in? What is the neighborhood called?

  19. Justin reminded me that he was fascinated with caligraphy as a kid and used to practice it...we laughed! It is paying off now...he certainly could get into painting signs and doing designs on furniture.

  20. I am so impressed with your son! My Mother used to teach calligraphy when I was a kid and I took her classes when I was like 10. It comes in handy! Those markers look really cool. Have never heard of them! My want list just keeps getting longer :)


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