Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Annie Sloan Fabrics & our first Boston Piece finished!

 One of the new things that you will all be hearing about and seeing
 more of is the line of exclusive European fabrics in the Annie Sloan 
collection that will be available soon in the US.  I am very excited 
about this line~they are made out of linen and have a decidedly French flavor.
 You will see a large display in my shop out of the pattern
 Normandie Toile, the one in the lower right corner. 
Its a dusky lilac with cocoa brown toile pattern,
and it looks really pretty with French Linen, Coco, and Paloma~
 Annie's fabrics are made to coordinate withe her Chalk Paint® colors.  
So stay tuned for more on this~
 In the meantime we are on a big deadline for September 1 opening. so
we are trying to finish the pieces for the store.  Justin finished the waxing on the 
french console table and then we moved to do the piece I have been dying to work on!!
 The french console in French Linen is gorgeous~
 We used French Linen again for the cash out station 
(formerly a French Provincial dining room buffet).
A really rustic look was our goal and
 I wanted to do a two color treatment,  which I don't tend to favor.
However for this piece I could totally see it~
 Justin is a great waxer!! I love it! The point of waxing is to really
 work it into the paint so it penetrates into the Chalk Paint™ 
and that is what creates the sealed finish. So really work
 your wax into the finish, and using the Ultimate Wax Brush 
is second to none in getting the job done.
 See how rustic this piece is~way more than I normally
 go in the distressing, but we both loved how it evolved.

 Another piece that is in the works is the church pew~
we added the French Poem in French Linen and 
a few other goodies that I will share when it is finished...
this is still in progress.
 I caught the boys being boys~
Colin was showing Justin something on his iPhone.
Napoleon was eavesdropping...
So that is the latest...the floors are finished in Boston! 
We will start moving things in and getting the fun stuff going. 
You know you can find photos as we get things accomplished in there~
thanks for reading the blog! If I don't write you back after
 you ask me a specific question it is because you have no-reply 
on your blog comment and I cannot write you back. 
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